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Im orignally from California but now I live in rural Texas-a lonly area 2 hours from the nearest big city. Ive been here since last December. I moved here because Iam only 20 years old and divvorced and I owe the whole world money. So my family takes over my bills and debits in exhange for me to look after and take care of my granfather. Lets just say I have to haul him up on the crapper whenever he has to go-which isnt often and contributs to him bein cranky most of the time.

Our home consists of a trailor, some outbuildings, a toolshed, asorted shacks, and 2 halfs of a moduler home that were never put together and sit 50 yards apart with plastic sheets drapped over the open parts. We live in the trailor-the other buildings house the varied colections of My granfather. He has 170,000 hupcaps which maybe the bigest colection in Texas. He also colects apliances, spark plugs, books, plumming fixures, beercans, Indian blankets, cooky tins, furnoture, glasware, old typwriters, bottles and car parts, plastic bags, coffe cans, antiques, trashcan lids of pre-World War 2 era, manhole covers, rusty tools, stufed animals, basebal cards, 55 galon drums and steyrofoam. These are just a small sample of his colectibles

Theyre stroon across the whole area like a junkyard. The county has come after him many times. He also has 14 dogs and dog crap is eveywhere. Also the stuffed animals and indian blankets are outside-when it rains they get rancid.

An average day of my pitifull Life

I get up in early morning to do my work. I do data entry from home for $6 a hour and transmit it to a companey a few hours away from where I live. What happens next is in no particular order. I feed the dogs. We have 14 of them and they get only vegetebles because granfather thinks it makes them lean & mean to attack anyone who will steal his colections. What it does do is make them skinny with patchy bald spots and crap a lot. Tomatos are a real problem. I shovel it all in big piles.

Then I wash the tobacco juice off the walls. He spits there each day so I put shelf papper on the walls so its easy to clean. Then granfather gets bathed. I dont know whats worse, bathing him or not bathing him. On the one hand he smells like an elephants ass. On the other, his back is covered with stiff bristly hairs and crusty nodules. I also have to help him go to the bathroom. It;s been a problem lately--Lets just say a rubber glove was involved.

The worst part is treating Granfathers boils and carbunkles. In case you want to know the diference between a boil and a carbunkle, a boil is a sore that must be lanced and then pressed clean. A carbunkle is actually a cluster of boils attached through sub-cutanneous chanells of pus. These must be also lanced but have shunts attachted to drain them. He has them all over his ass and legs.

I am in an abbusive relationship.

My granfather has a sick sence of humour. The other day he waited til I was in the exact worst spot and the gristtly old basterd forced out a giant fart. It was so loud it set off the lamp in the other room which was attached to the clapper.

My granfather insists Court TV is on all day long. He clentches a cigarete in his teeth while yelling at the top of his lungs at the TV. Its the most frightning noise you ever want to hear. Lately he saw on the news that dirty pitcures are on the World Wideweb. Each day he makes me find him new ones to lear at. He yells and screams at me when they tak too long to load on the screen Then he hits me with a cupped hand right on my ear, he knows it hurts. The other day he hit me so many times the ear was bleading. I complained and he called me allot of nasty names and then he put a cigarete out on the back of my head.

Yes Im in an abbusive relatonship. Hes in a whelchair but Im still scared of him. I know it sounds dumb. Some of his threats are to rip my lungs out throuhg my anes, then tie them around my head like Micky Mouse ears. I know he wont carry thru his threats but Im afraid anyway. Im not ashammed to say somtimes I cry. But this isnt a cry for help. Only I can rescue myself. Ive been in therapy in the past-I have a poorselfimage problem too. I geuss I have to be a man and start standin upfor myself.

Granfathers abuse was the inspiraton for this--the Wedgie Page

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