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April 96 update


In pryor updates I refrred to a time in Summer '95 where we had a fammly summit meeting to discuss how to deal with my abusive, creul grandfather and also what to do with him in the future. The meeting came as the result of an intervention.

The way interventoins work, its like a surprize for the person whos getting it. Mostly, you do it for drugs or alchohol abuse. Your freinds and loved ones come together and confront you on changeing your behavor. I had an intervention done on me when I was 18, for a drinking problem and a spenda-holic lifestyle that was degenorating into haughtey, lyeing behavior. It got me to finally deal with it. YES, it did help me. It is olny now Im putting my life back togethor.

So if it works for humans, it should work for the savage mising link, right?

YEA, RIGHT.We set up granfather for what he THUOGHT would be a meeting with a specailist in California about a new treatment for his boils. He didnt want to go, becuase as I said his boils arent painful. Infact hes in no pain at all-in his own pevverse way enjoyes life to the fullest. He had no clue what was goin on. The meeting was set up at hotel at the airport.

There is a modderator--in this case a professonal counslor my family hired. Usualy the person bein confronted is nervuos and defensive. But this is expected, and is part ofthe treatment. First everyone asurres them they all love him. Then everyone is stern and firm with him about his problem, be it substants abuse, cruelty, bad odoer or obsesive colecting. (OR all four!!)--its called Tough Love. Finally the person breaks down bariers and says they will change. Somtimes they cry. (I did in mine). Then you all tell them again you love him.

The next day you begen steps to recovvery. (In the case of granfather, the recovory will consist of sevoral million years of biologgical evolotion threu the natural selection process, but you still hope for the best. Since hes already a mutation, he has a head start.).

Problems from the Get-go

Well hoping for the best didnt help. The whole thing turned out bad. First, it was my job to bring granfather to the meeting. You might of read in my Janaury 96 update about the fiaisco on the plane out there. We were late. To make a long story short we were banned from USair.

By the time we got to the hotel, granfather was sure it was goin to be a sorprise party for him (a big misteak--we did it around his birthday.) Then he got the idea that we had got him a call girl and thats why he was in a hotel. I wheeled him on the elovator, an a woman got on with us. He kept askin, "Is it her? Shes ugly." Is it that one? Too young. You know me, I like'm old and mean." He kept learing at them. It was afwul.

When we got to the hotel suite all the intervenors were there: My dad, my stepmom, my brother an sisterinlaw, and my Granfathers brother who lives in Deloware. Imediately granfather started yellin, "Wheres my presants? Wheres my cake?" We told him NO, this is an intervention. He didnt know what it was, (he had NOT been invited to my interventon--thankfuly), so we explained it. We said we were all confronting him to make him change his behavvor. Boy did he think the whole idea was funny.