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Random notes from the editor

This is being written in the middle of August. My brothers taking care of the old monster till Labor Day when I go back to Texas. I asked him to take notes on all the disguisting hapenings as to assure an entertaining September update that meats the standards my readers have come to expect, that perfect combination of high quality and low-humour. My brother said NO I WONT TAKE NOTES - YOUR SICK WALTER.

But he is keepin me informed and from what he told me so far the verbal account will be MORE than enough to go on.

This time away has allowed me to do a few things I wanted to in the past.

For example I just put a counter on my home page

Alnost immediately there were a few hundred hits to the site. OK I ADMIT IT A FEW OF THEM ARE FROM ME LOOKIN AT IT. But still pretty impresive.

I also put this page together to document some of the reactions to my Web page. Two flimmakers are making a docoumentary about me an granfather. Since there not alowed on our property (granfather veiws all visitors with suspicion and hatred--guests can get there ass shot off) the film makers will use actors. More infomation will be fourthcoming.

Read HERE about other interesting reactions based on my mail
Or keep reading below for something scholorley and academic

The best thing so far is something i got a few weeks ago. It was a fax of a fax my brother sent me. A freind of mine, she retyped and YES, SPELLCHECKED it for me. (YES its a GIRL and a FREIND but shes not my GIRLFRIEND). It is a:


Mine is a very shit-orriented web site, thanks to my emotional problems, family situation and selfimage. Its ovbious that the S word coud also be aplied to my spelling and grammer. And the subject matter? At least until granfather became cheese-bound...You guessed it again. So whats this college paper about?

Norman Mailor once called BULLSHIT the most perfect word in the English langauge because when you use this word theres no mistaking that everyone knows EXCACTLY what your talking about. Im an unedducated computer-industry hanger-on with 1 year of assorted freshmon credits but I guess you need to take heavy college courses full time in order to REALLY shovel it with both hands--like the person whos so hard pressed for a litorary subject that they wrote a paper on ME.

An exorpt from this paper was sent by someone in California who found it in their school and reckongnized my family imediately as the subject and then faxed it to my brother. My brother mailed it to me. Its from one of the U.C. schools mabye UCLA or Davis who the hell knows.

I seem to think it may be just a draft. I omitted the name becuase my brother asked me to - otherwise more people will get in touch with my dad an hes already pissed about my website.

The writer of the paper has spelling better than mine but the writting style is pretty crappey. He calls my page "A riot of poor spelling and grammer."

Yeah its a riot allright. It took me a thesaurus to corectly spell "cliche" even though I sure as hell rechognize them when I see them and theres ALOT in here. ILL TAKE CRAPPY SPELLIN OVER BAD WRITING ANYTIME.

Theres also too many--yes, too many--too many indeed--of these crappy sentances broken--by--these--dashes. (I use a few from time to time in my home page. Now that I see how stupid they look I appologize and will try to refrane from them--in the future of cuorse.)


I really am. I cant even spell and now someone wrote a collage paper about me.

I hope the guy got an A for a grade. But he still seems to me the kind of ass kisser that we all know from college. The guy who sits in the front of the class all day in Freshmon english to raise his hand to reiterate and agree with everything the professor just said. He does this by merely rephrasing the professor and nodding proffusely.

Plese enjoy it as i did even though it uses the words dovetail, synergy and parradigm all in the same paragraph. The guy also uses access and impact as verbs. Plus it was one big text block that i broke into paragrahps. WELL I GEUSS NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE AS WELL WRITTEN AS MY STUFF.

Read someones College paper about ME

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