15,000 hits?

It sort of sounds like 1000 points of light. But i got this mail the otherday.

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Prodigy Mail: Personal Message 08/19/1996
From: Rob B.
Subject: Hello Walter
Sent On: 08/18 12:44 AM PM ET

Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 00:43:47 -0400
From: Rob B.
Subject: Hello Walter

Hey dude, thought I'd like to say hello to you. I've been following your page since I saw it on Dumbass of the Day and I think it's sad and hilarious at the same time. Anyway, I was thinking about searching in Alta Vista for places with awards. When I made my search, I found about 15 THOUSAND places with "Walter Miller's Home Page" in them. Of course, they're not all of you, but that's a lot to search through. I decided to show you the awards that you didn't say anything about. This is from Links Ahoy! (http://www.linksahoy.com). To find it, search by keyword under one of the keywords in the description. I found it under the keyword "Hilarious", and it was listed under the "Genius" category.

Walter Miller's Home Page
This is it: the single best website in the western world. Walter Miller has been compared to Mark Twain and Douglas Copeland, though his writing is closer to a trailer park Hunter Thompson. This on-going, uncensored story of a pathetic loser geek and his abusive mutant grandfather is the Great American Novel at the closing of the 20th century. Face it Beavis, the world's a junkyard and we're a nation of Walter Millers. Is it real? Who cares? This is gonzo dystopianism at its finest.

Golden Booty Award on 05/19/1996 Added to Map on 05/19/1996

Explored by The Captain Keywords: Literature, Hilarious, Dysfunctional, Sad, Carbunkles, Family values

(Editor's note -- these people indeed listed me under "Carbunkles" even though i spelled it wrong. I think the corect spelling is CARBUNCLES. I guess Walter Miller-isms and new spelling are makking there way into our vernaculer. -- W.M.

Utne Lens Links Free-For-All Archive from May 15-June 1, under the "Fun & Fringe" category.
Walter Miller's Homepage is the most hysterical thing, bar none, that I've seen so far on the web. WARNING: People who are upset by bad grammar and egregious spelling will not enjoy this site!
-- emilysnow

Not for the Squeamish! Links Page

Walter Miller's Home Page offers a detailed, first-hand account of what happens after inbreeding. Kids, stay in school, or you'll wind up like Walter! And don't skip the Wedgie page!

Pages of Bugged Goo links page
The most bugged page on the web just keeps getting better! Walter is now posting periodic updates, and he's attracting lots of attention. Remember, though, you read about him here way back when he was nobody.

Links of Uncategorizable Weirdness links page
A severely disturbed young man writes about life in Hell with his crazy, abusive grandfather. A sort of Douglas Coupland for mutants.

This quote's from a links page (didn't note the URL)
Walter Miller's Home page. I have never laughed so hard in my life....if you have a confidence problem or low self-esteem, read this page and i guarantee you'll appreciate your life.

Someone believes in your story, since a link is on the Personal-Experience Accounts and Resources page
Walter Miller's home page: A bizarre self-documented life in Texas with a demented grandfather.

Well, those are the sites that I found worthy to mention, and these were just in the first 3 pages of my search! (Actually, the first 2 links were when I searched under "Walter Miller".) Looks like you've got something really successful on your hands. I might check the other 15,000 links later. Good luck.


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