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REALY Dysfunctonal Family Reconciled

A marryed couple in England that hasnt spoke to each other IN SILENCE FOR 8 YEARS are now conversing in small rudimentary one and 2 word sentences and who knows--might even be possibly on there way to breakin down barriers to hopefully communicate more strongly in the near future with full sentences like LIFT THE DAMN SEAT and also GET YOUR FRIKKIN PANTYHOSE OUT OF THE SINK.

Accordin to an email from their adult children and a marrage therapist who had no luck with them, the children printed out the Walter Miller hompage and mailed 2 copies per month, one addresed to MR. T and one to MRS. T. (Note: Not the same Mr. T from the A-team.) After 3 months they were hooked and then the kids began sending only one copy in an envelope marked 'TO MR. AND MRS. T' so they were fourced to read it together at the same time because each woundnt give it to the other to read alone first--thats how much they liked it. Granfathers English accent scam is what finally broke the ice so they say.

Walter Subject of School meeting

A town in New York voted down its school budget partley as a result of the Walter Miller Hompage. Part of the total proposed $6 million budget was for more computers in the school but some parrents complained that all the kids woud do was waste time on the internet. Along with Penthuose Magazine, a White Soupremecist site and The Butt Page some Zeroxes of the Walter Miller Home Page were passed around in meetings before the vote as examples of dumb stuff kids woud be lookin at in school. Plus my bad spelling shows havin a computer DOESNT make you smarter.

A Handy Hint you wont get from Helloese

A grateful buisness executive in Mexico wrote to say that like granfather he too woke one morning to find himself in the uncomfortble predicament of havin a scorpion attached to his balls. MUCHOS GRACIOUS to the Walter Miller home page--Yes, Oven cleaner spreyed just right sent THAT little crustaceous arthropoddal basterd into the twiching throws of death. As granfather says A little dabb will do you. Just dont get none on your skin.

Child Named Walter Miller

A report from the Repubblic of South Africa says that a woman in another nearby Africon nation who just gave birth to her 8th or 9th child has named the kid after me. There was a news crew doin a story in the village and the womans family asked the newscrew what one of there names was so she coud name the kid after him. Instead the phottographer suggested they name the kid WALTER MILLER in honour of his favourite website.

Viewed in Anarctica and from Space

Ive gotten mail from antartica. Also a Detriot area reader wrote to say he e-mailed the astrounuots on the Space Shuttel and included the source File from my main page in .txt so they HAD to look at it. He never got a reply--but the mail DIDNT come back unreturned. Among thousands of notes, some other countries you might not expect i got mail from are Zimbabway, North Korea, Bosnia, Ethioppia, Greenland, Togo and Fauklan Islands.

Wedding Disroupted

Right in my hom state of Texas there was a large wedding. As in all such gatherings there has to be some horses ass who has to show how inportant he is by having a beeper go off or a celullar phone ring or worst of all--bringing a friggin' laptop with him, even to his cousins wedding. Yes, this is there way of sayin UP YOURES--IM MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU to the whole world around them. The man started shreikin with luaghter because he was reading my home page--right in church and at the part with the vows. Fortunately it wasnt that disruptive because lots of people were cryin an they thought this guy was cryin too. He cryed afterword because the brides brother broke the damn laptop. Also afterword the preist had to much to drink at the reception and called the guy an asshole.

Granfather scars someone else for life

This is another Canadien one-I have lots of fans in Canada. A man actually got the same tatoo that granfather did that I wrote about in my Febuary 96 update. Thy are tattoos of the cartoon chipmonks Chip and Dail. Chip is runnin up one leg and Dale runs down the other with a nut in his hand. Him and his wife sent me a bitmap photo of the tatoos on his legs that I coudnt convert but I believe him anyway.

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