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Dec 96 Update

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The bicth is back

Were havin lots of fights mainly because granfathers old ugly mean girlfreind now practicly lives here. I wrote about her in pryor updates. This is the waffly extremly pale white redhair woman with white powdor all over her body and big painted on red eyebrows and lips who looks like Roneld Macdonald. Or The Joker. She smells. (NOT as bad as granfather) but has real bad B.O. like when chickons get wet cause of a leak in the roof of the coop. You know the smell.

Shes also mean like granfather and picked up some of his disgustin habits to ingratiate herself to him. She does nastey things to make him lauhg. These lauaghs are usualy at my expense.

She makes fun of me allthe time and both her an granfather get going makkin fun of me at the same time on how skinny i am and plus i have a poor complexoin and also emotoinal problems AND NO GIRLFREIND. I try to smile an go along with it but sontimes it goes on for hours and in private i go in my room to brood and a few times it made me cry but they never saw.

they accuse me falsly

she eats Snackwel cookeis all day and i think whatever they put in there to take the fat out makes you fart cause she drops small silent feirce ones all day long. I can tell ones coming cause she bites her lip and then grunts and then grabs her huousdress by the hem and fluffs it up at either me or granfather. What a dainty femminine flower of femoninnity. It smells like crap. Its repoulsive but Granfather thinks its funny. I caled my dad and stepmom in Califonia to complain and they chastized ME for exagorating. They said Walter your an exaggorator. Mabey somtimes but NOT for this stuff.

My dad even acused me of accusing granfather's girlfreind of certain awful habbits that are uniqeu to granfather. For exampole i keep tofu THAT ONLY I EAT in a Tupporware box in the refrigrator. The old crone put her teeth plate under the tofu then mashed it down with her hand so it sank in so i coudnt tell it was in there UNTILL I WAS EATIN IT. When i looked up the old bitch smiled at me biting her tongeu with just her gums an I ran to the kitchon sink and yakked. Both her and the old bastord luaghed there asses off for a whole huor. I told my dad what she did and he said Walter a few months ago you said Granfather did that! Then i tell them YES but now SHE DOES IT TOO.

They dont understand that he puts her up to it to tourment me plus for laughs. Hes a sneaky beast & knows if i complain to my folks the story comes back that IM lyeing. BUT IM NOT. Both her an granfather told my folks over the phone that the reasen i threu up in the sink was cause I was drunk at 10 in the morning. The old biddy is calm polite and chearful over the phone like a plesent little old librarien and even squashas down her Texas acent and told my folks i have emotoinal problems an says just the right things that they think Im at fualt. They belive her.

back to Condex

Well there will be more about granfather's aged grizled ripe old witch playmate in later updattes. BELIVE ME THERES MORE DISGUSTINGNESS TO COME. When i got the call to go to Comdex the old hoe was such a ensconsed fixtore in our home she stayed behind to take care of the dogs when me an him went to Los Vegas. Granfather got new fake pitcure ID to allow him on the planes (we are banned from most airlines becuase of his recalcatrant inflight behavoir. The plan was to go to my brothers in L.A. for Thakngsiving then fly back to texas. I wasnt lookin foward to sharing a room with the old basterd but at least for most of the day he planned to be at AdultDex so atleast hed be out of my hair

The first day--a mean Practicol joke

It took us forevor to get to get out ofthe airport. But as soon as we get our luggege the old beast wants to play the slots they have in the ternimal. Once we got to the Strip granfather decides NOT go to Aduldex first but to follow ME to my booth. Well my boss was there when i got there and granfather played a mean trick on me.

The old beast now mostly gets around just with his cane an brasces under his legs. He comes up to the booth an pretended he didnt know me an started acting rude and complained i was bein mean to him and told him he smelled and said MOVE ALONG POPS. Then granfather said he was goingto spread rumours to make there stock price go down. He knows soon they want to have a IPO.