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Dec 96 Update

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Granfathors legs were tired from the long day so instead i wheeled him up and down the strip at night. We went to some famuos places.

Trouble at Cesars

A hilight for Beast Man was harassing a guy in Ceasors Palace in a Centourion outfit. He hollered at him callin him Fullor Brush head an Gladiattor Boy. The guy just ignored him. Then he went into the creepy Lawrence Oliviea routine when he was inthe bathtub tryin to seduce Tony Curtis in that scene in Spartocus they origonaly edited out ofthe movie. This time the Centorian looked at grampy and did NOT look happy. I quikly whealed him out and granfather yelled THE HELL WITH YOU ALL IM GOIN TO THE GOLDON NUGGET. When we got back on the street he asked me Do you know why I said golden nugett? Cause i got one here in my shorts NOW WHEEL ME BACK IN CESERS AN BRING ME TO THE CAN AND CHANGE MY DIAPER DAMMIT. So i rolled the troll allthe way BACK to Cesors from the street. Its about a halfmile from the street. Good thing the big Roman soldeir was gone.

In public restroums granfather insists on bein hoisted upon the Koala Changing Statoin but he broke so danm many ofthem plus melted the plastic on some with his toxic dripings I reffused. I closed the handycap stall door and just before i balanced the beast on the bowl he made a GIANT mess ON MY ARMS an luaghed like crazy cause he knows I dont have rubbor gloves with me an said awful things like LOOK WALTER 3 PLUMS IN A ROW IF MY ASS WAS A SLOT MACHENE YOUD BE A WINNER. I coud hear othor people in the restroom ouside the stall lauhging too especialy when he said PULL MY ARM FOR MORE BOY WE GOT SOME BARS COMIN

A damaged hotel room

Next time we share a room Ill ask for NO TV. One of the Las Vegas chanels kept playin comercials for the new Barbara Strysand movie the Mirrer has 2 Faces. These comercials REALY set him off. Granfather promised to control himself but instead worked up a blind screamin rage and shook around an broke a lamp. He had to pay for it. He cant stand Sreisand saying shes old rich and poworful and did this movie in a midlife crisis to show shes stil desirable. Anyway the comerciel shows a scene over and over an over and over when she tells Jeff Bridges: WOUD TELLING YOU NOW I WANT SEX TONITE BE ENUOGH OF A WARNING?

Granfather thinks its a stupid line that was NOT funny even the first time and wrote to our cable compeny that the thuoght it congors up in his mind while eatin supper at the TV table is poor for the appatite. But this does not stop granfather from constantly immitating that line from the movie for HOURS on end in a nasally Brooklin accent over and over when his old girlfrends in the room. It makes her luagh. Everytime after she Streisand says this line about the sex Jeff Brigdes is drinkin cofee and he sprays it outof his mouth across the table--you know the comerciel. So when granfather imotates her he ALSO spits whatevers in his mouth: tobaco juice, macarony and cheese, whisky or medicine and somtimes his falsteeth. When its his teeth I have to retreive them across the room an wash off the carpet fuzz and doghair and putem back in his disgusting mouth.

His dislike for Strysand goes back to a movie i never saw called Yentel where she played a litle boy and has nothin to do with her personaly its just he coudnt follow the plot and it froustrated him. Howevor my dad says that years ago granfather wrote Streisand a glowing fan letter offering to send money cause of a rumor she was planing to run for Senate aganst Al Damato in New York City. I mentoned in my last update granfather cant stand Damoto who he thinks has the IQ of a mule. Granfather also had a dream she beat Damato and the NY Post ran the headline


Well they woudnt quit running those comercials and granfather woudnt calm down so i woudnt have anything to do with him for the rest of that trip and had least contact with him as possible. Finaly something GOOD hapened...

Im off the hook

Im very grateful to Terry and Pat from Boston. MANY THANKS TO THEM BOTH. There 2 people who are nice but have as sick a sence of humoer as granfather. Somhow I was able to palm off the old sideshow spectacle into the custordy of these two to enjoy a few tranqiul hours without him. And best of all it was THERE idea and they kept him ALL DAY

Yes this website finally pays off