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Dec 96 Update

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Yes my hompage fianlly paid off cause i met some voulounteers for free baby Er, make that Freaksitting.

We were in the Hilton the next day Terry and Pat reckognized us imediately. There regular readers of this homepage. Lets face it if your in a crowded place and you imediately smell somthing horroble and you glance upwind and see me and the old basterd wheelin tword you down the aisle you KNOW its us. (But its HIM that smells NOT ME). Terry saw us first and they aproached us in a freindly way and even took us to Dennys for lunch. Granfathor was real ecxited cause now hes SURE hes famous. They had lots of fun and all told disgiustin jokes. Granfathor was really funny like I said he can be funny and charming in soceil situatoins if you dont look at him when he eats.

The people in the restuarant came by 2 times to say PLEASE dont be so raucous and rowdy and granfathor said OK and this was a welcom change from not gettin thrown outof there on our ass as is usualy the case. One thing i apreacieted was evorytime granfather tryed to make fun of me in frontof Terry and Pat they steared the convorsation away from that. They have almost as sick sense of humor as granfather but i like them cause they treated me nice.

Granfather was glad too and he made fun of me sayin that he made freinds at Comdex and I coudnt. Terry is Affrocan American and granfather said real loud LOOKY HOW NICE THE DENNYS HELP TREATS MY HOMEY ITS CAUSE THERE ASSES ARE STILL STINGING FROM THEM RACIAL LAWSIUTS. The whol damn restuarant lauhged when he said that even a couple of Compouserve people at the next table an you know they dont have much to luagh about lately.

They also voulunteered to watch the old repulsive monster for the rest of the day. Terry called my hotel at 11pm and said sorry it was so late but they were having so much fun drinking and gamboling and the old basterd even won $380 playin blackjack until they made him leave when the cards got soggey and stained and also $45 in qaurters at the poker machene. I met them downstairs and they wheeled him back into my custody with frikkin shrimp cocktial and that red sauce all over him even in his hair. The old bandicoot was real happy and the only sore part of the day was that they all 3 got thrown out of one casino because granfather slimed up 2 slot mechines he was playing at the same time with tobaco juice and other alein ectoplasmic mucal matter that oozes from him when he hacks cuoghs and sneazes and also spits and hollers. People dont belive me but its true: I live with a living breathing frikkin Far Side cartoon creatore.

But disastor almost hapenned when he made rude remarks to the girl who gives free drinks when they asked them to leave. Granfathoer tried to slap her in the butt but missed and fell off the chair when he swung and got a cut on his head when he hit the metal payoff tray on the way down. Acording to Nevoda law he coud even be arested if he swung at her and missed. So they got the hell out of there fast.

More freedom for me

Before they left Terry told me Pat had a freind who worked for Lotus and tomorow they were gointo try to crash the IBM toga party at Ballys. Coud they keep grampy till midnihgt? I said GO FOR IT as long as im not there--take the old basterd back to Boston if you want. I sugested they get a plastic white moistore resistent shower curtan for him to use as a toga instead of an absorbont cotten bedsheet for obvouis reasons--they agreed.

The next morning at 8AM they came to the hotel with 2 other people i never met to pick him up. One of them was a big strong lookin lady with a crewcut holding a diaper bag with a big can of Lysol and rolls of papper towels stickin out. This was a dream cometrue for me. They said they had a fullday planed and woud go to the Mirage and Luxor, mabye Hoovor Dam plus they knew somone who had tickets for the Altavista blimp. Also last year granfather read on the web that John Wanye Bobbett was at AdultDex selling his videos an he wanted to go back to meet him.

At 3pm that day Pat shows up at my booth laughin like crazy and beggin me to go over to the bar. But I coundnt leave cause I just took a 20 minite break that was soposed to be a 15 minute break. So Pat looks away inpulsively toward the exit and waves and then runs immedietly off.

Later I hear the whole story