The Walter Miller's Home page FAQ section

Copyright 1996 Walter Miller

The Walter Miller hompage has many regullar readers, an many people write in with questons. I get lots of mail an try to ansewer it all.

This FAQ setcion is just the latest edition: More features are comin includeing: More Updates about granfather, a section on his dogs, more on his collectibels, mabye even A Walter Miller top 10 list.

Two main goals are either to pubblish a book of my life, or to devellop my very own Online Searvice as many people think the content of my pages is quallity entertainmont. If i have to live with granfathers abbuse, i might as well profit from the old sub-humman, extro-tresterrial basterd. And, if Congress insists on fammily-relatted content there might as well be dysfonctional fammily related content too.

SO, Ask away

Q: What do you look like?
A: Tall an skinney. Pail. One day myface will clear up.

Q: What's the purpose of your Web site?

A: Im in therapy. Its a part of my treatment specificolly to express myself an deal with emmotional problems: namely a poor selfimage and abbusive relatonships. Also an innability to be a man & take charge an stand upfor myself.

I am the snake that chasses his tail over an over faster and faster in a circle until he dissapears up his own annus. I express myself thru the website to deal with it.

Q: Where are you from in California?
A: Bay area. I dont like to say ecxatly as the fammly's been shammed enough. They all still live there.

Q: Who else is in your family?
A: My father, stepmother, brother (older by 1 year), his wife an my nepheouw. My mom left home when i was 14 an died 2 years ago. It was afwul and sad. But my stepmom is very nice. One day Ill write about it when i write my life story. I bellive it will be a best-cellar.

Q: Is the rest of your family normal?
A: Besides me (as i mentonned I have problems), all are normal except grandfather. I dont know if you play DOOM but he looks EXCACTLY like the pink demon who walks on his knuckels an bites you except more hairier and with yellow skin.

Q: Is he your mother or father's father?
A: My dads father. Howevver, his name isnt Miller so dont try lookin him up in the Texas phoenbook--our phone is in his name and its not Miller. My dad changed his name to the nondiscript 'Miller' as a child to avoid the shame of bein asosiated with the old troll. Granfather doesnt care what i say about him in my web site as long as i dont metion his name. Its not that he cares that people know hes a creep, he just dosnt want people to try to steal his so-called "valuable" colectibles. If you shoud by chance find our place an drop by, dont be sorprised if he shoots you. Hes old, but his aim is good an can shoot a cigaret out of your mouth at 100 yards.

My dad is a very nice guy an souprisingly normal considoring the evil sub-humans who sired him. My granmouther died when i was a kid. What a mounstrously wikked bitch on wheals. The old hag made granfather look like a Girl Scuot skipping thru the meadow weaving a daisey chain. My brother an I had to spend the summers as kids with them in Texas.

Heres the most asked queston:

Q: Are you for real?
A: Yes.

The 2nd most asked, (atcually, a follow-up to the first)
Q: Are you REALLY for real?
A: Okay, NO. Whattever the hell you want. Next question plaese.

Q: Why is granfather in a wheelchair?
A: A pile of junk he collected fell on him 6 years ago. It was a bunch of antieque porcelin urrinals, sinks an toilet fixures that was stacked in a tin hay silo. It wasnt strong enough an collapsed on him.

Q: Does he abuse the dogs too?
A: That;s the irronic thing. He used to, an a concearned 3rd party got him introuble with the law last fall. Of cuorse, his abuse of ME means nothing to the neihgbors--Yes i know its my fualt because i have to be a man and start standing up formyself. The story of the dogs is coming in a latter update.

FAQs CONTINUED--Woud YOU want him in a nurseing home with YOURE loved ones?