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Post-Holiday 1/97 update

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Seein this display gives me the damn shiverin willys and I tremble in revoulsion and horrer and she laughs in this extremly high cackly voice that sounds like a eunuck version of the Tails of the Crypt monstor after he sniffed helium.

The bathroum door has a full lenhgt mirror on it and the way the door swings open I can see her squatting flabby tourso all the way down the hall in my room right over the top of my moniter when I work. Then in our kitchan theres another long mirrer on the lauondry room door at the end of the trailor. Ergo, at any point in the hall if you look left or right with the 2 mirrors facing eachother theres two rows of an infinit number of ugly waffly woman sitting hip to hip each taking a piss going off into oblivvion. My home has become the damn friggin gallary of Horrers.

Bythe way please dont sugest I close by bedroom door cause part of my duties as a home care providor are to keep my door OPEN to atend to the duties of granfathers doodies. So theres no escaping granfathers girlfreind's friggin wiggly wobbley white hangbelley nakad bulk from any part of WHERE I DAMN LIVE. I feel like i shoud atleast wear sunglasses to cut down on the super pale bleachwhite glaire from her sallowey bloodless blanched pallid corpulant saggy tub of fat carcass.

Rihgt after Comdex granfather anuounced to me that him the old bitch are now oficially SHACKIN UP. So now she LIVES here. All day when im tryin to do work the 2 of them sing and dance to the same stuppid tapes plus have the TV on at the same time. Yes the old basterd thinks 8-track is the latest technologey. One is a Captian and Tenille tape and they dance the hustle to Love will Keepus Togethor over and over. The damn old farts are stuck in the 1970s. Theres also a song on that same album called Muscrat Love that has these bubble noises an granfather makes these disguisting bubbley noises FROM ALL PARTS OF HIS BODEY when that song is on. The old girlferend cackles all day with this spinetingly screeching laugh.


They also watch that new show Buzzz!. Granfather and his old belly warmer always holler at the contestonts. Especialy when they introduce themselvs when they girayte behind the shadow screan. They yell things like DONT PICK HIM HES GOT FLEAS IN HIS PANTS. Granfather also screams at the top of his lungs with the cigarrate clenced in his teeth: PICK THAT ONE YOU MORON IF THE SHADOWS JIGGLIN, THINK WHATS BEHIND IT. They scream out "BUZZZ" for anyone they dont like.

RhnmHH!! Pick a RhnmHH!!

Then when Wheel of Fortones on they also holler out letters of the aplhabet at the TV. When you got food in your mouth or a cigaret clenched hard in your teeth all the letters sound the same. So they yell at the TV: RhnmHH! Dont buy a vowel pick a RhnmHH!!

Of course globbules of food liqoud and crap spray evrywhere.

I can nevor watch ANYTHING anymore. I wanted to watch the Discovory chanel the other night and they threw me OUT ofthe living room so they coud see the Pinkey and the Brain Christmas Speciel while they sat there smoking laughin there asses off in front of the TV eating applets and coplets and when not sucking face suckin down eggnog whisky and gin mixed with Martini and Rossie Asti Spoumanti.

disgusting Old banshee

Did i mention she gets pee on the rim. While Granfather sits on a raised pooper that ataches on the toilet she presses her bare hams RIHGT ON THE SEAT. I will NOT touch my cheaks on there since hers come in contact with it and I buoght one of those portoble camper toilets for ME TO USE ONLY and its outside in the toolshed. Also when granfathers girlfreind craps at our house her butt is so fat an waffley theres very ofton a small suprise resting on the 12 oclock section of the toilet seat. Mostly a little dollip but ofton the WHOLE LOG.

When she takes a wee becuase of all the asparagos she eats and also lots of weird sulfor medicine its smells like a male musque ox marked his terrotory on a heat registor plus she never flushes. I swear if you had a bucket of her pee a horseshoe woud float in it. Then it woud disolve. I stand outside the bathroom when she finishes and flush it with a broom handel. When granfather and her see me do these things they both luagh there asses off cackling shrieking and screeching like a ferret in a blendor.

Shes As lazy as him