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shes Lazy an Mean too

Instead of sittin on our commode or our sofa on her momentosly dimpled corregated waffly ass doin nothin but watch TV an GET IT ON with the resident reptile in the master bedroom this woman coud do some chores aroun here.

And theres plenty work to be done too. For exampol now that granfathers still improving from his 1990 acident he must have his bony blue legs masagged more often for blood circulaton. She wont do it OR help him go to the bathroum. GEUSS WHO DOES IT ALL INSTEAD.

Also the doctor put granfather on a regulor exercise program. He lifts wieghts an hour a day. Also for an hour hes suposed to go outside for playtime. I put him on a chain and runner plus a helmet and kneepads so he dont hurt himself. He scampors around the yard til he breaks a sweat. Our dogs and chickons know to stay the hell away from him durin playtime.

Granfather has a huge rawhide toy and he bites one end while you hold the other and pull hard and he twists it round in his jaws tryin to pull it from you. It looks like hes pissed cause he snarls and growls in that very highpitch whistly growling whine but hes atcualy havin a good time.

Instead of HER helping him exorcise him she makes troubel. While I hold one end ofthe rawhide toy and gramps trys to wressle it free the mean hoe is on the porch smokin a Garcea Y Vega or is inside yapping out the window to granfather to GIT THEM TEETH ON WALTERS FINGERS plus she yells TRY TO BITE HIS LITTLE ASS. Mean bitch. I wear leathor gloves.


OH BOY THE CLEMENTINES ARE IN is somthing i dread hearin this time of year. There those small tasty tangorines from Spain that come in those small wood crates. I like them too but never get any cause granfater rips the plastic net off the crate with his teeth devourin them down EVEN WITH THE SKIN ON. Hell eat a small crate a day. They cost $8. Then he licks an chews the wood of the craite for the taste of tangorine oil and wax stuck to it and ifit hapens to be the LAST crate in the house hell gnaw the wood even swalow and semidigest it. You DONT want to know what comes out the other end during Clemontine season in our john.

This women encurages him to eat all the foods the doctor says HE CANT EAT becuase of his health but she doesnt care. Like one of his favrites, powdored sourcream dip brougt to life as a thin milky gruel when mixed with vokda or gin. The doctor forbade it cause its hihg in sodium and sugor but the old hoe bought a restuarant-sized can of it over the Web and gramps eats all he wants watching CNN sluorping it out of a large shalow dish

The Deadley 4

She feeds him deadly forbiden crap combonations like onoin loaf, BBQ pork, carmel corn and red wine which on there own are toxic but all 4 together makes this absulutely demonic smelling stinky black knobby isotopal fecal plasma matter/antimatter mess--the odor of which when combined with her sour urine causes the mercury backing on our bathroom mirrer to emulsofy into powdor and crumble off.

These fumes melt grout too so ceramic tiles cascade offthe wall onto the floor and the rubbor peel & stick flowors on the bottem ofthe showerstall curl and crack. In the presance of this incredoble monstrous stench thin metol surfaces like our toastor and the dishwashor panel all the way in the kitchen will dent and indent from the smell making warped buckling sounds and all the magnets on our fridge lose there magnet power and fall off while inside the fridge milk courdles cheese turns green and eggs explode. If you inhaile then all the hairs in your nose will get burnt off and no hairs wil ever grow there again. Granfather and his girlfrend are singulerly the 2 most disgoustin people on the planet. Its only over the internet that 2 people like this coud ever meet. If there was a search engine for disgustingness these 2 peopls e-mail adreses woud come up.

YOUR GRAMPY GITS PLENNY EXORCISE WITH THIS the old ho cackled at me last week when i confronted her on not helpin out with granfathers exersize and when she said "THIS" she lifted up her nihgtgown and you coud see it ALL and I didnot WANT to see it all. In fact I did not want to see ANY of it. But I did. And I puked. Then they both lauhed there asses off caling me a little fagot weeny then they forced me to drive to package store to buy cereal beer cigars canned beets and prunes and more Clemontines