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Mid-January 1997 Update (Main section)

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I went outside tryin to patch things up and mean old Ed Asnor-face started screamin at me at how awful granfather is an how its me and my famlys fault and I scremed back YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME and I cryed more. Its not my fault it smells in there and is dirty, Im cleaning all the time. Damn, since granfather was away it actualy smelled BETTER in there for the first time in months.

I get lectoured

I dont know why but i bared the brunt of her fight with her sister and granfather. Then she started lecturrin me on how skinney and suffering the dogs were. I said THERE NOT MY DOGS there granfathers dogs and I agreed they were starvin but there only alloud to have vegetobles and NOT MEAT cause granfather says meats expensive plus for other reasons. (see my main home page for why).

She said i was abbusing the dogs. BOY WAS I PISSED and i said THE HELL I WAS and also when me and my brother spent summers there as kids we used to feel sorrey for the dogs an somtimes shoot rabbits with a BB gun out by the canyon for them to eat and sneak them to the dogs and risked gettin our ass whipped by the old bastord if he ever coght us--He never did.

Of course granfathers stentch is much more worser now and we see less rabitts than in those days. Each summer just as we arrived Granfather used to sit us 2 boys down for a half day and scream at us The Rules of Granfathers House an one of them wed hear early on in the day was:


Granfather used to always use that term 'so much as the heel of a head cheese' an I dont even know what headcheese is but my dad says its a disgustin sliced meat product thats mostly made from non meat fused togeter with jelatin and that in cheaper brands its not jelatin at all, they acually use clear cow snot instead and its a favorite delicasy ofthe old basterd.

So youd think my concern for the poor dogs woud mean somthing to this overbearring mean woman who I was now startin to dislike more than her discousting sister but NO, because THEN, Holy Crap, she lectured me MORE NOW FOR ABUSIN THE RABITS!

Beyond stupid

Id heard granfather and his girlfrend refer to this woman as 'The Puritan' becuase she always lectured them on somthing or another plus always wore these drab lookin clothes an when they vissited there they woudnt let granfather smoke or chew in her house. She called me all sort of names including 'animol abuser'. Mean bitch.

Also I was wearin this beutiful shirt my stepmom sent me for Christmas a Peirre Cardin with a brihgt modern pattern. She gives me this Generol Patton smirk tellin me DONT WEAR SILK cause poor siklworms in China are enslaved in bamboo tubs of smelly green water and then slave human labor spins the silk but most of all i shoud wear earthtone colors ONLY cause bright colors "clash with, and are offensive to, the naturol beuety of the landscape."

I never heard nothin so ass-stupid in my life an I screamed back (by now i was cryin allot) Landscaip--we live in a friggin dump lady take a look around you. Plus my shirts made of RAYON damnit I looked at the label later on.

She 'shooshed' me (I hate it when people 'shoosh' you its so demeanning) and then she said she was leavin for the motel an said tomorow shed drive back up to Ft Worth and also said TELL THE MUNSTERS I SAID GOODBYE then got in her car and drove off. The car was loaded with mabye 100 bumpor stickors and one said Questoin Authourity and also one said Practise Random Acts of Kindness and Senceless acts of Beautey. Yeah right. I think one of those random acts of beutey mihgt include puttin a frikkin papper bag over her head.

Things get breifly back to normol

I went in there and told the 2 old folks what hapened and then they both blamed me an then WE fought. But tempers cooled quickly as i coud tell they were sick of the old hag too and probly foght with me olny cause they derived pleasure from givin me a hard time.

Within an hour after the mean sister left they were smokkin cigars and playin poker and Husker Do and also SORRY! drinkin vanila flavour Ensure adult noutritonal Supplement White Russains and Metamucil margarittas RIGHT FROM THE BLENDER. Theres crusty 0range lipstick and mouth crud all over it from the old biddy. I wont ever use the blendor no more.

gross old hoe