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July 96 Update

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In the morning the ugley old belley-warmer walks around with no bra on and a flimsey gown you can see everything thru. The other day at brekfast she acuused me of lookin at her to closely. Then when granfather wasnt lookin she flashed me. OK I LOOKED from couriosity but felt bad about it. Then granfather chastised me an called me some names that made me feel ashammed. I went in my room feelin regretful about it. Then I heard them, lauginhg their asses off about it.

Granfather and this disgusting woman also was on my PC once when I was out feeding the dogs and fixing the gutters and they found my PRIVATE FILES. He got ahold of some poems I was writting in my diary. They were love poems to the woman I love and also MY PRIVATE FEELINGS. (I wrote about her in other updates). It seems the old bitch was a secretery once and knows how to get into Wordperfect documents. They were reading them outloud while I was on the roof and i heard them through the air vent. Do you know the feeling when you want to crawl up and die from embbarasment? Well that was it.

All the problems finnally come to a head

It all started the other day when I was working at my compouter and I heard this cracking noise comin from the living room. Granfather was watching one of his favvorite shows, Murdor She Wrote on cable. He loves that show and hums the perkey theme song incestently. He makes up disgousting lyerics. One time the show was going on just when he had to go to the bathroom. So he made me keep the door open so he coud hear the TV. He sang words like this to the theme: "Its time for Walter to wipe Grampas bum. La La La La La, La La La La, I think its going to wiegh a ton."

Hes NUTS alright

So anyway I thoght the cracking noise was him crackin his knuckels but it was louder. Then I saw that Granfather was eatin a bag of walnuts. I assuemed he was bustin them open with his teeth. I asked him and he said thats what he was doing. But i got suspicioius because he was sort of quiet about it. He said IM NOT DOING NOTHING WALTER, and then was silent and stopped singing. Usually he follows his food-related comments with a sick joke or an insult, and if he can summon it up, a disgusting repoulsive bodilly noise or function. I coud tell he was hideing something.

I will never eat another nut again

Then I obsearved for a few minutes and what I saw made me sick to my stomach. I will never eat another nut again. The bag of nuts was sittin there on his lap. I saw him reach in the bag, pull out a whole walnut an drop it down his shirt. Then he wriggled around a bit and i heard a low cruncheing noise. That's because he was sitting on some shells and some more shells was getting under the wheels of the wheelchair. (He always makes a friggin mess whatever he does).

Suddenly I saw granfather grip the sides of the wheelchair and get this tense look on his face, and he turned red. Then I heard the extremely loud crackin noise. Right afterword he looked relaxed. Then he put his hand down somewhere an pulled a nut out from somewhere an put it in his moulth.

I went in an said Granfather what are you DOING? He turned even more redder an then was silent. I figgered out what it was. The man was atcually cracking walnuts open with the strong musculor muscles of his ass.

I said to him I KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING and then he started laughin nervously and denied it. Then he said I had a sick imagonation. Just as he said that he put another peice of walnut that was in his hand in his mouth an SWALOWWED it.

The first thing I did was run in the bathroum and throw up. Then I flung myself on my bed an cried for about 40 minutes because I am related to this bilogical monster. His jeanes are in my blood. I coud have a child like him and my cute litle nephow who is olny one year old could actually be a little "granfather" in the making as well.

While i was in my room crying, Granfather was pounding on the door to open it because he wanted to talk to me but I locked it. (I have a special door that he cant get in if its locked). He was hollerin at me that it was just my imagination, and while he was out there I could hear through the door that he was still doing it, and CRACKED AND ATE SIX MORE NUTS plus chewing and burping.

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