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Edittor's note: This page orriginaly was pubblished early on in my writting carear. Since then Ive been wrote abbout in more places, including print publocations like TIME magazine, the Wall St. Juornol, Yahoo Internet Life, Internet Undergruond, The Web Magazine and more. Please forgive me for bragging. I have a poorselfimage and I derrive my self worth from aceptance from others.

Lets be strait-Im very shy but my therapist asked me to publish reviews of my stuff. Regular readers know I strugle with a poor selfimage, an have ben in therapy, including fammly sessions.

I dont like to tout my own horn. Its shameful to talk about how great you are when your a LOSER like me. But like a big jerk i had to tell my councilor that my Homepage has receved many online honors & awards. In AOL chat with SUCK and WIRED its called THE HOTTEST WWW SITE. She insisted i list some on the web.

Yes, my big mouth gotme in trouble AGAIN: The only reason i bragged about it to my counslor was to impress her--I admit an confess Im physicly atracted to her. Im ashammed. I was goin to keep it a secret but she coud tell.

So she insisted as part of my treatmant, (plus she'll forget about me bein atracted to her), i have to put on the Web somethin congratlatory to booust my flailing selfimage, as I also use the web to vent anger an deal with hurt & problems with my granfather. And also to publish my hopes & dreams on the whole internet. Thats the purpose of this page.

FIRST-to my counslor-IM TRUELY SORRY ill try to supress my feelings both when your there--an when Im alone. I relize its not a rejecton of ME-I know you have a boyfreind. I wont call you anymore, or cry. Also i wont write you anymore poems

SECOND: to granfather-even thouh your a mean, cranky gristly old basterd ill try to find the good deep inside you to repair our shatered relatonship. Your words DONOT harm me. Im NOT those names you call me. Iam not a 'wussey'. Iam worth it.

THERD: Heres my hopes & dreams: To be a published novelest & the voice of my generation--the one that grew up with computers--the first generaton to use the web more than watch TV. We helped you program the VCR when we were 5 years old. Now were in our 20s an you have us over your house to set up your machines an show you how to trade stocks online to get richer. Iwant to be the Douglas Copeland or Kerouac or Hunter Thomsonesque voice of my generaton. Its big, but i can dream it an not be ashamed

FORTH: In this part i have to list a few reviews. The first was the best: I made Mirsky's Worst Of The Web 10/25/95 an later the Geek Site Of The Day. SpinnWebe gave me a Twisted Award. Mecklermedia called Seasons Beatings (my 12/95 update) "absolutely priceless." Ive been Worst and Best Of The Web, Mediocre of the Day, Dumbass ofthe Day, Most Loathsome, Not For The Squeamish, Favorite Net Wacko, and excite says my Wedgie Page is "a serious contender for the most inept Web site of all time." Im truely honord. Thank you all. Below are some more:

(Steve Rubio's remarks, plus the Copeland references are the ones i cheresh the most--olny in my wildest dreams could i be a 'retarded Douglas Coupland ')

"A site that transcends praise...Authenticity be damned, this is the shit"
-- Suck, 1/19/96

Quotes from SUCK people Joey Anuff and Carl Steadman on AOL Chat, 2/26/96

JA: "The work of an idiot savant"
JA: "He's like a retarded Douglas Copeland"
CS: "Sort of a 'Flowers for Algernon' modern-day Doug"
JA: "Typos, aside, though--I prefer his work to Doug's"

"One of the most genuine personalities on the Web"
"The Season's Beatings poem is absolutely priceless."
-- Mecklermedia's iWorld The Daily Spectrum, 1/19/96

"The most representative home page on the entire Internet."
"...simultaneously frightening and hilarious."
"The acclaim which Walter Miller receives is enjoyed vicariously by all of us with home pages. We enjoy the freedoms Walter Miller represents: the freedom to express ourselves." -- Steven Rubio's ONLINE LIFE, 2/96

"I'm just now looking at all the links people have sent me to look at, and I found THE BEST one of all. In fact, I'd have to say it's the best Web site I've seen in months."
-- Barton's, 11/7/95

"Tejas gonzo. John Steinbeck smokes crack. Hunter Thompson stayed home."
-- Gonzo World, 3/4/96

"What do we do? Hire this guy as a writer for Roseanne, or start the Save Walter Miller Fund?"
-- SpinnWebe

"A severely disturbed individual, this Walter Miller"
-- Best Features: Weird Stuff, Pacific News Service

"A laugh a day keeps the doctor away. With this guy around, you'll never have to worry about medical bills again."-- Parker Quints E-zine

"Best For Weirdness"
-- Webcrawler's Guide

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