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(*) Not updated daily, (or even monthley) but very sporadically with about 5 to 10 new sites...Or somthin like that. For Submision/Selection Guidlines, plus the purpouse of this page please read the ABOUT PAGE first.


Yes i know the last time i updatted this was way back in May 1997 when i was still on Prodigy. In fact, since i was on Progidy for 2 years, most of my links across the web that point to me, point to my old site.

I geuss thats not so bad because it is still up--but i do not know for how long. Anyway, we beggin this months selection with a site that points to BOLTH of my homepage ittorations:

  • Bonnie's tribute to Walter
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 100%

    Dont be alarmed when Bonnie mentions that my hompage will be moving--it alredy did move from Prodigy to Geocitties and she was the FIRST one to link to both!!

    This wondorful page not olny gets the highest rating, but ive listed it top on this list becuase it is top in my heart. When i read somthin like this i forget all my troubles. Thanks Bonnie.

  • Shellyness
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 100%

    This kind of page is what makkes it all worth it, folks. There are two pages of interrest here, her main link page (highlihgted above), and also an inovattive Walt-O-Rama. You shoud also know that Shelly's pleas for me to update this Walter Miller Site-Of-The-Day-feature is what made me finaly buckol down and do it.

    Im also a little affraid of posting the Walt-O-Rama, only because i dont have time to corespond with ALL my fans like i do with Shelley. That boyfreind of hers is sure luckior to have her than he'll ever know.

  • Finity's End Guide To Fiction On The Web
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 96%

    Another site from many months ago that my fans recentley sent me, this page has it all: Profesionol quallity, nice design, rule-breaking, (he normolly dosent list sites that apear to be personal journols), and he uses phraises like "miserable wretch crying for sympathy" and also the inpondorable, "Is Walter a basket-case imbicile or a sly comic genius?" Oh yes, this gentolman understands Walter.

    (Plus--as mentionned as an key item in my sellection criterria--there was a nice referrence to the expoulsion of a bodily fliud.)

  • Jim's Humor Page
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 95%

    What i love abbout this guy's page is how uttorly, totally and exhaustively complete his list of top Humor links is. Take a look and see if you dont agree.

  • Catty's Creative Excellence Award
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 95%

    This site's been up for a while but lateley a few peoplle sent it to me. It gets a nice high score for evangelistic quallity: i.e., how she showed the site to othors and demanded they read it RIHGT NOW. Also how she mentionned how much she laughed.

  • Spider's Sting Award Top 10 sites on the Web
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 90%

    This page's author admitts that my site is "unlike any web page I've ever been to...especially startling considering Walter achieves his effect through words alone - no graphics."

    Bein in any top ten is a big deal. Hoeevor, considerring Granfather is Mister 'Number 2' himself, i was still sellected as #3.

  • Scalpel's culturol links
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 85%

    Look at this! Humbol Walter Miller is listed as CULTURE along with the Paris Museum and the Lourve!! (althuogh, considoring all the trips Granfather makes to the lourve each day, it figoures).

  • Freddy5wd's Wacky Links
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 80%

    You cant argeu with bein placed betwean Laugh Web and Comedy Centrol. Plus he gets 5 extra points cause he links to my curent Geocitteis URL.

  • hr.rec.humor
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 75%

    So i geuss my name in Hungarian is Waltera Millera. At least i think its Hungarion; (thats what Granfather geusses).

    Ovbiousley this is a Usenet archive on the web but look how nice its designad. And check out the guy who wrote it's e-mail adress too, i love it--He's probly just like one of the guys in the old Steve Martin/Dan Akroyd routine of the Wild and Crazy guys from eastern Eorope.

    If aneyone can translaite what was written about me in Hungarrian on this page i will make a speciel mention of you. Thanks.


    Read the ABOUT PAGE first, which includes SUBMISION GUIDLINES. Then Hurl me the URL at:

    Thank you--Becuase without YOU, my website woudnt exist...
    ...Well, mabye it WOUD exist, but mabye just this particulor page woudnt.

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