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The S.T.L.T.T.W.M.H.P. Site of the Day is powored by the patented W.W.W. Virtual Self-Image Generater(tm) which determins a relevency factor for each site.

  • Texas Monthly Top 100
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 100%

    Granfather always rides my ass cause Im NOT a native Texan. But this great acolade swelled my head mabye not the size of Texas but perhaps Loisiana. And geuss what else folks: Of those 100 websites Texas Monthly reviewed & chose, know WHICH ONE had the most words? Yup, MINE.

  • Ready Steadman Go
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 100%

    Oh crap! What can i say other than: IM NOT WORTHEY.

  • Gus's Musings
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 99%

    It apears i am part of Gus's life! The link above, (diary entry for 1/5/97) is what gave me the idea for the W.W.W. Virtual Self-Image Generater(tm). On Jan 19 he self-deprecatingly urges his readers to visit mypage. Later on March 12 hes in the bathtub readin my 'Wurst Case Scenarrio' update and a peice of barbaqeu chicken comes OUT HIS NOSE. Then hes awestruck on 3/19. This site has it all: A gross granfather-like episode, a plea to visit my site, and many kind words. The olny reason Gus didnt get a 100% was he was in the tub insted of sittin onthe toilet when the chickon meat came out his nose.

  • Novak's Polymorphously Cheesy Web Selections
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 87%

    A good scores as it meets sevral criteria: Academic, (Hes a college bigshot); a pithy label for me; And its wedged right betwen weird & mild. Thanks Mr Novak!

  • Spicket's Links
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 85%

    Its easy to see why I picked this: What nice ego-raising talk for a insecure post adolesent like me.

  • Critical Reading and Persausive Writing
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 82%

    Another great college (U of Texas no less) referincing MY WRITINGS as course materiels! Mabye i realy am the next Mark Twian. (There I go braggin how great I am again. Sorry).

  • Norman King's/Cable Homepage
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 73%

    Uniqeu presentation here: A 3rd party reference to a 1st-person acount of a bodily fluid release as a result of reading MY HOMPAGE.

  • News On Net & also Rainside Net Index
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 61%

    The only reason i picked these 2 similar sites, (one in Czeck Republic, the other in Slovakia) is cause they both say: "Osobni Stranky Walter Millers Home Page"--whatever that is I like it. Granfather keeps yelling "Osobni Stranky!" in a gutturol nasaly Slavic acent all day long. With my luck it probly means "This young man is a horse's ass."

    If anyone knows what Osobni Stranky means, please write.


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    ...Well, mabye it WOUD exist, but mabye just this particulor page woudnt.

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