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(*) Not updated daily, (or even monthley) but very sporadically with about 5 to 10 new sites...Or somthin like that. For Submision/Selection Guidlines, plus the purpose of this page please read the ABOUT PAGE first.


The S.T.L.T.T.W.M.H.P. Site of the Day is powored by the patented W.W.W. Virtual Self-Image Generater(tm) which determins a relevency factor for each site.
  • Ben Parrish
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 100%

    Mr Parrish gets 100 becuase he tells me MY humbol hompage inspired HIM to write comentary too. His words are more than kind. Plus i know I have a winner when granfather hollers at me: "HOW MUCH YOU PAY 'EM TO WRITE THAT , BOY?" Also i like the cool link butten on the left.

  • Danny & Julie's Web Zine
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 100%

    Immagine, a whole anecdoatal Tribute! Low on graphics too so it loads fast with my crappy 9600 modem. Why download a danm graphic of somone's cat when you can read cool stuff that impruoves your selfesteem?

  • Street Web
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 98%

    I thuoght this site was down but somone pointed it to me recently. The author once got the rare privolege of bein qouted in the top area of one of my update screens, so hopfuly her selfesteam is boosted too. (Of course, I'm quoted in HER Ivy Leageu publication--shes just qouted on MY crappy hompage).

  • Don Willmott's Web
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 96%

    This site is from December but i only just found it. Mr. Willmott woud of scored highor if he hadnt guessed wrong on 'Granfather's Greatest Fear' earlier this month. I also deducted 2 percentoge points becuase hes a better writer than me and I am jealous. (At least i can admit my weakneses dammit). Plus as is seen in his feature on ME from last year hes much bettor lookin than me... Still 96% is nothin to shoot tobaco jiuce at.

  • Thoaar's Day Favorite Places
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 95%

    Anyone who spells 'Thursday' worse than I ever coud if i tryed is worthy of 95%. I like the bullet points & also how he makes a statement and then controdicts himself by saying its not true: I like that in a website.

    You hafto scrole down a tiny bit to see my link--I thougt about deducting percentage points for this but decided aganst it--it might be houmiliating for Thoaar to get web design tips from the likes of me.

  • Secret Society
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 91%

    A high score for a brave yuong man serving his country. (Also his submision reqeust was as pitifuly desperate as somthing I myself woud write so i coudnt say no).

  • Daval's Links
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 91%

    This site REALY tickled me. Im glad Daval took the time to write it. (Scrole down to 'Weird Stuff'). I loved this page but granfather DID NOT. The old bastord reqeusted permision to comment, so here it is:

    "KISS MY ASS!!!




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    ...Well, mabye it WOUD exist, but mabye just this particulor page woudnt.

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