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Folks, these links covor the whole First Quartor of 1998...Janaury...Febuary....March...Yes, and even a little peice of Apirl. How fitting for my pittiful failing inabillity to keep promises, meet deadlines, and generaly take charge of my life?

  • Forbes Family
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 110%

    No, theyre not rellated (I dont think so) to rich, deceased Malcom Forbes, or his flat-tax, flatly scare-the-hell-out-of-you-with-his-frighting Tales-Of-The Crypt -smile son and Presidentiol-hopeful Steve Forbes.

    These Forbses not only have a regulor link to me, (above), but a speciel Page just for me here.

    I love these folks so mutch i feel as if I too am a membor of the Forbes Family. (I hope that dosent gross them out considering that I am rellated to Granfather).

    ALSO: Notice our new cattegory of "110%" for 1998: You can just about be asurred a 110% rating on the old Self-Image meter anytime you put up a whole separate page in tribute to my misorable life.

  • StoryWeb
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 100%

    I first found this ovor a year ago. (see the bottom right side of the screen). It consists of 2 reviews, one from a man, & one from a womon. The woman tries to show how my site is a 'guy thing' by showing it to some construction workors on a Portland, Ore. street.

    This is one of my favorite reviews of my site ive evor seen. They call it "Witheringly funny!" Yeah, well there are a few parts of Granfather that are NOT withored and there is nothin funny abuot THAT. My favorrite line: "Poor Walt's scabrous forebear makes The Loser Living Upstairs look like Cary flippin' Grant."

  • Wonderful Monds
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 100%

    Not olny did he spell "Wonderful Minds" wrong, he listed me in between the Cool Site Of The Day and Dilbert! Scroll down the page to see my link, undor a part titled 'I Pity The Fool.' What did it for me is these kind qoutes: "Walter Miller's Home Page is the funniest original writing to be found on the internet, period...Walter doesn't get any awards for spelling or grammer, but he sure racks up the awards and the visitors."

    I canot explian the lift to my fragille self-esteam this was to me.

  • Paul A Todaro's Links
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 95%

    A simple page, but i like the use of artwork--First: (and I dont think Paul even knows this), but on the top of the page that monkey .JPEG is actualy a computer regression modol of Granfather, about aged 6. Go a little below this and there is an ECXACT photo of our TV set when Granfather acidentaly dropped his cigar while standing up and farting at the same time. (In case you are dying to know, Independent Counsol Ken Star serendipituosly hapenned to be on the TV screen at the time of the intestinol dischardge; Granfather was unaware of this). And finaly, Paul inovatively snitched the grapphic from my Netly News colunm. Great job Paul...Next up: Anothor Paul!

  • Paul Huggins' links
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 95%

    This is on somthing called the Javascript Warehouse - Angry Button. Anothor simple link, but homage must be paid in the form of a high score for refferrencing me as "A Comic genious" and also "arguably the funniest site on the web."

  • A collection of great E-vil links
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 91%

    The main reasen why i picked this. The lady who runs the site wrote: "I think this is actually real."

    The site is named Brenda's Dating Advice for Geeks, and perhaps she belives my recent (and very belivable) dating fiascoes from my Late Febuary '98 update are true. Why cant I evor meet nice women like this on blind dates? Oh well...

  • 2Lethal's Home
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 90%

    I am the last link on the bottem of the page. I especialy like the coment abuot my appeal among "urbanites." Hey buddy--we may not be urban but we are gettin sophisticatted here in our little fetid cornor of rural prairie. Our town now boasts a cappuchino shop where you can get REAL latte, and also in the next county there is a man who dances ballet. (He does it in the barn so no one can see him). In all seroiusness: Thanks for the link, it boosted my poorselfimmage.

  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 90%

    This persen wrote: "As popular as Walter Miller is, it seems like most people have never heard of him. I pity them. He's one of the biggest names in humor on the web."

    Hmmm. Just like most people in our county have never seen Granfather, but they have smelt him...Thanks, Growlee!

  • JJ's X-Philes Page
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 90%

    There's 2 links to me here, one aftor she mentoins her poor depparted pooch, which makes me think my site is close to her heart. Then scrole down to see me listed next to 'Flickguy'. I live with Granfather, who's not the originnol flickguy but he does "flick" allot of things around the trailor. (Especialy at the TV screen deppending on what's on)

  • Larrynet's Sites of the Month
  • Poorselfimage Boost Relevency: 90%

    This scores high because I thoght the other 4 sites he picked along with mine were a nice, if not, Um, interresting mix. Also i like the fact that he updattes his links page about as much as i do mine ;-)


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    Thank you--Becuase without YOU, my website woudnt exist...
    ...Well, mabye it WOUD exist, but mabye just this particulor page woudnt.

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