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March 1997 Update

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All this notice earns me Notice

The crappy compeny i work for is pullin the plug on many of its remote enployees and MY ASS is atthe top of the list. Theres a few reasens--some of them concern my hompage: There embarased to have me work for them based on my growing cellebrity.

For my readers who dont know what I do I am a HTML programor. Im not a GOOD one--all i know howto do is text. Do you see the page your readin now? This is the best I can do.

Ofton I make alot of mistakes. Especialy I forget to close tags. Other people add graphics to my pages cause when I do it its anckored wrong. My aplets dont move. I cant do tables. I suck at Frames. But damnit i do my best

i work from home

My company builds web & intranet pages. I work offsite and live 2 1/2 hours from the office. I am asigned to build crappy text-only pages. They e-mail me textfiles and i code in HTML and email it back.

Im suposed to be on site 15 days per Quarter so I drive in abuot 1 day a week. I share a cubical with 2 other remote people who work on othor days. Its a pain in the ass but its a job.

A mean nickname

Im bad also at ataching links. My nickname behind my back is: "WALTER '404 NOT FOUND' MILLER". This has a duoble meaning cause everytime they discovor a misteak I made im not at the office & then when they call me at home Im usualy in the middle of some sort of granfather-related intestinal emorgency & cant come to the phone.

We dont work on anythin cool like the Zima site or as most of our cleints are boring tightasses. You never heard of them. Im not aloud to say who they are or who my company is.

My employors afraid that if there cleints read my homepage theyll think were a company of Jerks. Meanwhile im not the olny jerk who works there.

Plus they acussed me of doin personal private stuff on company time. THATS A LIE. PLUS THEY CANT PROVE IT.


In Janaury I was cut down to 30 hours from 40 but its a joke cause even if you work your ass off with no proofreadin it still takes you 50 huors. Its like workin in a danm textile mill where they keep makin the loom go fastor once you know how to do your job good.

Plus evoryone takes turns washing the cofee pots once a month well GEUSS WHAT: Everytime im in the office ITS MY TURN. They have a chart with magnets on it. If the red magnet is near your name its your turn to wash them. Last time I was in I wasnt scheduled. Later I got up to take a leak--when i came back SOMONE MOVED A MAGNOT THERE.

I dont even drink coffe

Not since Granfathers practicol joke last year. You remembor the story: One day my coffee tasted weird--I thouht it was rancid milk but when i drank to the bottem I saw his lowor teeth plate IN MY CUP and I looked up to see the old basterd wigglin his tongue at me on his bare gums laughin his ass off. The plate is horoble & disgustin with big grey crusty growths on it, I think there freshwater barnackles. Also blue fur & stringey food & i can never drink coffee again. Now I drink only tea. If I smell cofee I will yak.

At work Im also always asigned to clean the WHOLE kitchenete. Once they had a party the day prior for a lady who was havin a baby. They left piled-up papper plates & forks with dryed cake on it & also smeared onthe countor & floor ALL NIHGT til I came in the next day for ME to clean. Plus I had gave my $2 for the gift & didnt get cake and MISSED THE PARTY.

Im also the one who hasto put the big water bottle onthe cooler. Plus once i had to go to my boss' bosses house to set up his kid's home PC and also show the dumb kid the Cheat codes in DOOM II. None of this is in my work descriptoin.

I share my cube with Pigs

The 2 other remote poeple I share a cube with are a ugly girl & a creepy guy. I privatly call them Wendsday and Pugsly (but never to there face.) One day each month we are all on-site for staff meeting and I see them.

I have dificulty with confrontatonal situatons & standin up for myself--its hard but i awlays must confront them about spilt stuff, crumbs & pissy stains in the work area plus the PC we share is always maxed out with game downlaods and porn off the net. I am always dumpin files.

We also share a lan directory onthe network called G:\REMOTE\COMMON\ and its full of private crap like 25 versoins of there resume. Also Wendsday has parts of a Fantasy novel up on there shes writin for a e-zine about dark orc warlords havin sex with elven maidons in sylvan glades under the two mooned sky. Its the frigin worst damn writing I ever read.

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