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3/97 Update

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He sprang to the fridge & before i knew what hapened he sluorped down a quart of milk. With just a litle work at it the miseroble grisly phantasm was able to enhance his newfuond talent by makin it shoot & spray out from behind his eyelids insted of just dribble out.

I said Granfather, stop right now--this isnt good for you. He called me a little wussy & started smackin me and snarled I TOLE YOU BOY TO GIT ME THET SODY POP. But i reffused. He has these giant ovorsized monkeylike hands the size of cerael boxes I swear it with big knobbey knuckols. It hurts like hell when he hits you. He threatoned if I didnt get the pop for him hed call up the people I work with & tell them Im a bedwettor. But he alredy did that last month. Atcualy i was a betweter as a kid but no more.

So he got it himself, upending the bottle in his gummy lips, gulped swished & shuddored and sudenly it made this aweful bubbling from aruond his sockets and erupted out. He rolled his eyes back so just the whites showed. He used to do it when i was a kid to scare the hell out of me and it still works.

I am rellated to a circus sideshow spectocle

He was so excited about the prospect of showin his stupid trick on TV he vainly gazed in the mirror and primped & preened to get the best camera angles & expresions. To cover the scar from that trivit burn on his forhead he got some clear glue and beat down his upward boarlike hair bristles into Dutch boy bangs, just like Moe Howard. Also in the mirror he practiced and marveled at the new way he coud now spit tobaco juice.

Ah, but milk and such woud never be enuogh! From frigde & pantry the old basterd pulled out every consumoble liqoud in the house. Like heavy sirup from a can of peaches. Then he did it with choclate Ensure which is thickor. He looked like those old pictores of Tammie Faye with the dark makeup runnin down her cheeks. Becuase Ensure is expensive he made me sponge it off the floor & walls an squeese it in a bowl to drink it later. He said to me ill bet you wont read about Ensure squirtin out peoples eyes in the A.A.R.P. magozine.


Granfather descided that nothin tingoled like the pop. He wanted to feel it again but strongor plus he wanted the expereince recorded for posteritty so he made me vidoetape it for him. He got white apple vinegor and a box of bakkin soda from under the sink; it had got wet & was all clumpy but Gramps mashed it with his hand into fine powdor on the kitchon table.

Then with 2 crooked gnarled dead twiglike fingors he pulled that awful bottom teethplate out of his mouth and placed it on the table next to the powder. And drawing the dental plate forword, behind it trailed a 2 footlong hanging silvory brigde of stringy drool atached to it that led upward from the table allthe way to his slobbory orifice.

He took the sharp egde of the plate and shaped lines of the whitepowder like a coke feind and the entire time the plate was in his hand it remained connected by the strand of drivel which fluttored and swung like a rope all the way up to his mumbling, quivoring rubborylipped dribbling, uglier-than-a-hagfish mouth.

As he sharpened each line into a neat chalky ridge, the strings of naked drool that lingored allthe way up to his lower lip danced in the pale stark glow of the buzzing florescent overhead kitchen light. The vile beast glanced up at me in a grusome lurid ghastly funereal vissage and hissed like a reptile that he felt just like Al Pachino in Scarface, and then in his Speedy Gonzalez acented Pacino voice screamed: I AM TONY MONTANA! I AM TONY MONTANA!

Then with the pop straw in his nose he hoovered up the bakin soda, then took a swig of vinogar and forced it up toward his brain; instantley his face was covored with sputtoring sizzleing crackling foam puoring from his eyes, completely coverin his face in seething white froth.

Im gettin the hell out of here

Theres no place realy for me to escape ecxept the regulor routine of the day. I went in my room to work & then fed the dogs. By the way granfathers legal problems are realy heating up. Our dogs now get pure beef latley and NO vegtobles. At least until his legal problens pass. Granfathers afraid of the pending lawsiuts for animol abuse and destructoin of the envoroment & toxic dumping of deisol fuel on a wetland. We live in a semi-desert yet they clasified it a few years ago as a legal "wetland". Who the hell knows why. Its bropably because anyplace he parks his sweaty crappy butocks on becomes a wetland. And a pollutted one too.

IM the one whose REALY afraid