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A car was parked at the top of the turnoff where the dirt road of Granfather's propperty meets the state route. It was a white Chevorlet sedan that the County Clerk drives. As you know the county Clerk is the sworn enemy of Granfather. He was standing there very upset with this severe look on his face and motionned me to stop.

Then he walked ovor to the car and thrust at me a sheet of paper. I coud not beleive it.

"My hatred for that sub human monster you call an 'ancestor' prevents me from ever setting foot on your property. So I am waitin here at the property line to give you this summons."

I was shocked. What the hell did i ever do wrong?


In his othor hand he was holdin a two gallen Ziplock bag with the Yellow-and-Blue-makes-Green seal and a strip of tape across it that read EVIDENCE and inside it was some sort of peach colored peice of knit fabric.

The danm summens was for ALLOT of money - it was $5,800. I dont know what the hell I did to deserve this.

I treid to ask the County Clerk WHY DO I HAVETO PAY THIS but he kept hollerin at me and sayin how he hates Granfather and how I coud, "thank the old basterd for this $5,800 charge", cause if I was just some ordinary kid who was NOT related to Granfather, he woud of probly let it slide.

But even still it was MY fault. And I still didnt even know what "IT" was.

And then the county Clerk told me he was goingto press charges if I did not pay the county $5,800 which was the cost for a new engine for the white 1999 Chevorlet sedan which bellongs to the county, plus labor.

I looked at the summons and stapled to the back was a bill for auto reppair and parts. The labor part of it alone was $1000. I dont know who the hell he got to fix it at THAT cost, probly Visuol Basic programers for Gods sake.

If you are readin my website, do you remember the day when it was 108 degrees in the shade? It was on that day when the knit peice of peach colored fabric which it turns out was Cathyann's tube top was throwed out of the window of her car (by HER, not ME) when it was parked on the State Route. And at that exact minutte, the County Clerk drove by. The tubetop flew up in the breeze and got pressed agianst the radiator grill of the front of the car as it went past and cut off the cooling air resistence.

Resistence is futile

As you know if a car's radiator is not proporly cooled on a hot day it will cause the engine to burn out. This is a small town and so after the County Clerk broke down later that night he remmembers passing Cathyann's car that was curiousley parked at the head of the old basterd's trash strewm proporty -- the most likeley place to have a peice of unexplainned garbage fly up and land on your grill.

I started cryin

And the countey clerk said CRY ALL YOU WANT, and also, "Im sorry Walter" -- very sorry indeed, sorry that he had to take this out on me on acount of the wrongs done to him for many years by GRANFATHER.

I drove to work very upset and blubbering the whole way. I do NOT have this kindof money. In fact I am very much in debt.

I got to work late

But not so late that the useless consultents were there yet, hogging my phone to make there personal calls. As soon as I got in I called our family lawyor and he told me that hed just got off the phone with both the County Clerk and the county's lawyor.

He also told me that, just between me and him, the county clerk realy has no beef with me. His true moative was to have me flee the county in ordor to avoid the expensive of the summons. Then Granfather woud be liable for the fine. And once I was gone, there woud be no one to care for Granfather.

This way the old basterd woud die, or else follow the rest of the family to California, or wherever. As long as we were the HELL out of his county forever. Of cource, all of this woud happen after he levied a lean against Granfather's property, whereby the first $5,800 woud go toword a new Chevorlet engine, and the next $20,000 or so for an Enviromental Impact Study to study 50 years' impact of the smell of Granfather's ass on a few hundred acres of clay composite soil.

But I never touched Cathyann's tubetop. She is the one who took it off (not me). After this I called Generol Motors in Detroit and waited on hold forevor. I wanted to see if somhow this was posibble for a tubetop to burn an engine out. Finaly I got someone who told me I shoud dirrect my questions to the dealership who sold me the car. I said it is not my car. Again they were pollite but they seemed to not realy want to get involved.


Anyway i do not know. After this I called Cathyann and she too is indignant abbout the whole thing and told me she will fight this thing with me and to prove both of our inocence she sugested we reanact the scennario of what hapenned while the car was parked on the shoulder and is even willing to bear her breasts in court in front of the whole jury if it comes to that.

This is the end of this updatte. Please come back to read the next one--I am hopin to have it done beffore Labor day.
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