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Soupresed Memory Syndrome, (SMS)

No he doesnt have it, (S.M.S.), nor he doesnt THINK he has it, but he will use it as a tool to indight members of his own fammly and threaton us into maintaining his lifestyle of independence where he sees fit, and reliance on others, (mostly to help him crap), but also to provvide for his emmotonal well-being. Myself, my fammily, plus professonals believe that granfather has, among the varried compuolsive needs in his life, a sustained urge to mistreat others. And GEUSS WHO is most convennient to fufill that need...ME. Granfather threataned to "remember" past abbuses that I have done to him, and document them to the authoroties. He said he hopes that when I finally go to jail I share a cell with some big black man named Maurice.

Also, he DID tell the ambulance crew that I forget to change his diapors (A BIG LIE). Oh--speaking of the crapping--I believe that granfather is NOT incontinnent. Frankley, Ive never seen anyone who has so much CONTROLE over his bowels as he does, and controll it he does, until I am in the worst possible spot at all times. The man can even forecast the color of what will come out for cryenoutloud, (and also if it will be 'smooth' or 'Rocky road'.)

This is a man who can twirl his head around like the girl in the Ecxorcist; not ALL the way around like a 360, but enough to face you head on while hes seated in the direct opposite dirrection--and also one quarter turn MORE toward the front again. I SWEAR.

Were wrapping up Problem #1 now...

To make a long storey short, they had to get granfather out with the Jaws of Life. They started to use a hacksaw on the drain pipe, but the vibrations were too dangerous. So they blowtorched it off, with cold nitrogen or some other stuff to stop the heat conduction to his head while they did it. Then they sawed the plywood plank out, an took him to the medicol center to soak the glue off; fortunnately, granfather's species has a regular molting this time of year, so it came off easy.

The next day he was back home, chewing tobbacco, drinkin whiskey, an hollering on the speakerphone at some poor Prodigy service rep at 1-800-PROGIDY about how he coudnt convert pournographic binary files from Usenet into .GIFs that he could veiw in Windows 3.1, (I told him it was imposibble, and he called me a liar; the guys getting more friggin Wired than I am).

OK now to problem number 2

Things are not giong well in my rommantic life. Im in love with my therapist. Atfirst it was a crush an then it got worse. She reluctently had told me that if i cant controle my feelins she'd have to resign from counselling me. She said its a distracton an conflict of interest, profesionaly. Well i wouldnt stop tellin her i love her an caling her up at night crying, SO NOW ITS OVER. She quit. My stupid, mean granfather trys to get a charge out of me by tellin me that HIM an her are havin a secret fling. (Yeah, right--if anything, that makes me laugh). Shes older than me (34--Im 20. A minor age difforence.) I hope one day Ill climb out of debt an marry her. I figuored that now that shes not my counsilor anymore, theirs no more conflict of interrest--maybe i had a chance! Then, another bright note: Her boyfreind broke up with her. (He was living with her but he would not marrey her--it seems that when its time for snakes like him to think about "breeding" to pourpetuate the family name, they want to marrey a younger female--so she got dumped.) So shes avialable! Finally I thought NOW she woud go out with me. THINK AGIAN, WALTER--she said NO. The rejectoin has been hard. I woud crawl on broken glass to see her again. I woud not ever leave her. (Oh BOY I woud breed with her right NOW). Now i may never see her again. I dont care about the age difforence. I think 34 is still old enogh to have a kid with me. But shes close to the age when women start to get old. After having a child her booubs will most likely begin to look like those myelar balloons when they get wrinkley and start to lose air and mabye her butt would get fatter--I WOUDNT CARE because I love her. Shes more beuatiful than a godess. Heres what she looks like: she has long brown hair and beutiful eyes.


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