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Many have writen encurragement to me. Ive receivved over 2,000 responses-most nice, a few mean. Also, someon in our town saw the home page an called granfather. Hes embbarased and will treat me better now (I hop). But his thraets continue.

I did get 2 offers of employmant--I now do extra work fromhome. And, som of the people who wrote were WOMAN. I got 3 offers from WOMAN for PRIVVATE CHAT-Oh, Boy you know what that means!!! Also, 5 people sent allong spelcheckers and a few re-did my hom page with correct speling. Thank you all. But a few professonnal writers told me to keap the speling, as i have a particullar style and syntax remminissent of diallect writting--much like Marc Twain and Willaim Foulkner. Im told i have a great sence of commic timing and the rare ability to make poeple laugh outloud. IVE BEEN ENCURRAGED TO WRITE A BOOK ON MY EXPERRIENCES. ALL I NEED NOW IS A PUBBLISHER. PLAESE WRITE IF INTERRESTED.

Meanwhile, The abbuse continues.

Yes, granfather's threats and abbuse go on. One thraet is to rip my colon out thru my annus down hard, then jerk it up quikly up and over my head and then tye a knot on top as to encase me in my own pollish suasage. Another threat is to skin me allive with a boxcutter and roll me in breadcrums and leave me in a bad part of Los Angelles. He continnues to call me names and hit me. Favvorite names of late are "CandyAss" and Panteywaist". Also "Star Trek Faggot." He claims durring the war he had relattions with a dieseased women andthat the dammage skips a genneration and thats why Im depressed and have problems.

The other day i was drinking cofee, and it tastted wierd. (I thought it was rancid milk). But somthing lumpy was in the bottem of the cup. It was granfathers bottom dental plate. He never claens it and there is brown and blue fur on it and stringey food. He put in their ON PORPOSE. I went inthe other room and threu up. He laughted and laughed. Its an odd loud laugh--he FROWNS when he laoughs. Its hiddeous.

A Sick sence of humor

One day i came in from feading the dogs and there was grangfather lyeing on his side on the floor in MY ROOM, grasping for air. His pants were down to his kneas. It seems the old gristtly basterd is craftyier than I thougt. Hear's a man who cannot go tothe bathroom by himself yet was able to pull himself upon my desk to put his bare ass cheaks on my scanner. Hes even obbservant enouhg to know to hit CTRL-S to save. He was trying to make me a screansaver of his lumpy butt. It didnt work but he almost didit. He thraetned to turn me in to the County for Elder abbuse if i didnt save the new screansavver. He even made me axentuate the veines & boils in brighter colours in Photoshop.

The satannic old basterd cant work computters, but knows I can, and he knowes what they can do--andso he thretens me acordingly. Like a jerk, I obay.

We are banned from Usair

In July we had a fammily summit in Califonia to decidde what to do with granfather. (Hes banned from many nurseing homes so thats not a option.) Nothing was resolvved. If hes still allive by 1998 we may move him to Holland where we'll be allowed to have him put to sleep. Hes olny 62 and says hecan live 30 more years. (The doctor sadly agreas). But until then Im stuck with him alone in Texas. I hadto escort him on the plane. Usualy granfather goes for days often weeks without crapping. Then all at once it comes in a flood. He saves it up and lets it go atthe WORST TIMES ON POURPOSE. Somtimes it is just when I put new sheats on the bed--or when I just cleanned him down there or lanced a boil on his but. This time it hapenned to be ON THE PLANE.

Hed been scraeming the whole flihgt, complaning he coudnt smoke. Also he was learing at stowardeses, making rude x-rated remarks and pinching them, even bitting them when they came near. It was awful. Then he anounced he had to go. I carryed him down the aile to the restroom. He starts to crap like a goose and it got all over the aile, an other pasengers. Just before we got to the batroom it was a diorhhea explossion reminnisent of Craemy Tuna Helper. Waht a damn mess. They must have allerted the other airlines becuase we coudnt get a flight back. My brother had to drive us.
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