Page That Links to Articles by Walter Miller inthe Netly News

Page That Links to Articles by Walter Miller inthe Netly News

A cumborsome title to be sure but atleast now you know what it is

I write one of these each week, even thuogh youll notice that these run March 11 to April 14. Thats becuase that was my probbationary period with Netlynews. They didnt want to invest in puttin me in thier archive until the end of April, and the 4 colunms below are unacessible in the searchoble Netly archive of my sites so I stuck them here. (They all suck ecxept 3/27 Its The Content Stupid." which has been called one of my best and even peopple wrote me to say they sent coppies of it to there Congresmen.).

I have my area on Netley News for my latest column here:

This page is updatted each week, and also once a week they show a graphic of a cool speeding trailor with a keyboard on it: Olny its bettert lookin than our own trailer, which is on cemment blocks anyway).

"A Time to Chill"

Originaly for April 14, 1997

Just becuase there's a few fake things and wierd people on the Internet dosent mean were ALL like that.

"It's Content, Stupid!"

Originaly for March 27, 1997

Tackling the burning issue of wether the free expresion of Granfathers bodily functoins was part of the originol intent of the 1st Amendmant. Or atleast perhaps, the CDA.


Originaly for March 20, 1997

Is everyone bangin on the pots and pans for on-line comerce? A real-life off-beat on-line/off-line non-stick look at the future of retail.

"Granpa's Browser"

Originaly for March 11, 1997

The old bastord was never happy with Netscape or IE 4.0. See what prompted him to devellop what he calls "The Wonderbra of Browsors."

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When I am not prostotutting myself for pocket change with the Netly News i DO also write othor stuff, you know:

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Walter Miller's Homepage is a non comerciel website the puorpose of which is a threappeutic expresion to help me deal with emotionol problems and also dificulties stemming from poor selfimage. Having said that i harbor no reservatoins in the future that woud rule out the posibility of my SELLIN OUT TO THE MAN.