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Said Flea #1 to Flea #2: "Do you think theres life on other granfathers?"

Nov 96 Update

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I hate to say it but the man is morphing over the years into a more and more violant and less and less human creatore. I know it sounds like sceince fitcion but I think granfathers becoming an alein.

Althuogh hes less able to control himself for long trips and incraesingly must be confined during travel, the flip side is that Granfathers health contineus to rappidly inprove. In my last update i mentionned that he now uses a walker half the time and the wheelchair the other half. Yet just in the last week he can actualy walk around althogh slow and stilted for 1 full hour a day with leg braces under his pants and with a cane. He hasnt walked unasisted since 1990.

I know i complain about him but he IS my grandfathor. Deep inside i care for him. I just want us to GET ALLONG and have our family be normol. I hope we can salvoge a relatonship out of it so my memoreis after hes gone will be good ones. I feel VERY BADLEY that i have mixed feelings about his inproving cause a few times i wished hed just die or Id never see him again an I feel giulty about it. THATS WHAT THIS WEBSITES ALL ABOUT - SHARIN MY FEELINGS.

A miner incodent

Because he traveled by containor truck he had to leave a week earlier than me. Late Sunday night in New York just after I arived I called my Dad who told me there was a few delays. One was on a Interstate in Illoinois when the back doors of the 18 wheeler granfathers cage was in sudenly opened. Accordin to the oficial truckers log the cage slid across the truck floor way to the back and the old beast moved the door bar with his long shrivvily fingers and musculor prehensile tongue. The cage was then lashed to a wood pallet and bolted down.


Boy was i pissed my dad gave granfather the number of my motel but dad said it was only best. He called and woke me up at 2:15 Monday morning just as he arived and was in a chatterey mood talkin about all the sightseing he wanted to do. Our meeting at the book agent was from 9:30 to 11 then the whole day was free. One thing he wanted to do was to go Times Sqaure to buy Ninja stars (he saw Pheebies brother do that on Friends) and also go get soup at the fammous Soup Nazi of Sienfeld fame. Yes the Suop Nazi truly exists accordin my freind who went to NY and the closest remark granfather ever made about bein close to having a real job was an idea he had about going to Austin and becomming the Chili Nazi. He certainley has the personallity for it. But Texans are not usaully bullied so easy as New Yorkers. Plus its easy to get Chilie there you dont have to stand in line for it.


I said granfather DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? And then he said mabye we coud share a cab to Mid Town Manhaten where the book agent was. Then i did somthing BAD. Yes the old guy was just reachin out to me and I said NO let me get back to sleep. Granfather got mad and started screamin an said mean things to me like WUSSY (that hes not suposed to call me accordin to the new rules the laywers came up with). And then he gave me a rather rude 2 word explotive--Lets just say it wasnt 'LETS DANCE' and he hung up and i felt bad and wanted to call back oppologize but didnt have the number. I tryed to call my dad 3 times in Califonria to get it but only got his phonemail. I started cryin I felt real bad cause I serriously dissed the old bastord. Also BOY DID I GET SNAKED on the phone calls when the bill came. DONT EVER MAKE CALLS FROM A HOTEL ROOM.

Our meeting begins

The next morning at the bookagent office Granfather was still mad. The entire lobbey smelled rancid when i walked in the building so I knew he got there early. His legs were cramped from bein in the travel carryer so that whole day he was in the wheelchair. A few people at the book agencey were fans of my homepage--they THOUGHT i exagorated granfather but now they saw that only a SMALL PART of it is over stated. Yes he IS that disguscting.

A snag arrises

Granfather was under the wrong asumption that the agency has to pay his travel expenses. But all of this work and writing is ON SPECK pending aproval. Plus he wanted an advance--But the publischer NOT the agent gives you a advance.

He began snarling at the main book agent. He was a plaesant man who tryed to break the tenshion by makin a small joke that hes the first book agent since the guy who handled the Milly book (George Bushes dog's book) to have the author growl and nash his teeth at him.