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Ever see a nakad eldorly man smokin cigars while line dancing with his alunimum walker watchin Club Dance on The Nashvile Network? I have.

Nov 96 Update

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He had the cigarete cletched tight screamin at the top ofhis lungs in his frihgtning spine chilling wail WHY DIDNT NO ONE TELL ME?
I said CAUSE ITS MY BOOK NOT YOUR BOOK GRANFATHER. The old viscious beast thrashed in the weelchair in violent spasoms and mannuscript pages whirled in the air cascadding down like confetty all over the office and kicked and wheeled and whacked his cane tippin over a creddenza with a tray of cofee on it and broke a fancy lamp. Also he got spit, snot an wirey body hairs all on the desk an carpet.

Seeing i coud now LOSE ALL I WORKED FOR I imediatly wheeled him out back tword the elevater. An inportent looking man who worked there said somthing like get this guy the hell out of here or hell call Securety.

Granfathor muttered all down the hall these people didnt know GOLDANG CRAP ABOUT THE INTORNET and i didnt see how that was jermaine to the issue. My agent met me at the elovator an said lets call this meeting to an end and reconveine tomorow at the same time. That was fine with me. YES they were still intrested in my book.

As i wheeled Granfather on the elovator he made the sound of summoning up a giant lung loogie (you know the noise) and right at the split secend when the elevator doors closed I said to the bookagent FOR GOD SAKE DUCK and just in time he did. And Im glad cause a big creamey one flew out that instant thru the slim verticol slit of the closing doors and just barely over his head with an inch to spare. You coud hear it whissle but not see where it landed. I hope no one got hit.

A big Scene

Granfather and I had a giant fight there on the sidewalk. He screamed at me that i ruined it all and hed got all gussied up in his best clothes. YEAH RIGHT a clean Progidy sweatshert and favorite blue baseball cap with white an yellow paint spattor on it that says DAMN SEAGULLS across the top.

I leave him there

We yelled an screamed and I started cryin THEN I JUST LEFT HIM THERE. He wheeled after me down the street but i wanted to get away from him SO BAD I got in a cab YES I paid the WHOLE FARE back to Queens. I staid in my room very upset and exausted and took a nap an cryed a LOT cause i had ANOTHER fight with granfather. This was to be the happyest day in my life and now it was only 11 AM and alrady one of the worst. Also i cryed cuase you know i love somone who wont love me back, my former counslor.

I layed on the bed and wrote her a long note and a love poem then ripped it up just after i made all the words rhiyme. You know how long that takes. Also it wasnt saved bacause i cant write lovey stuff on the computer: only by hand. Then i called her up in Texas like a jerk cause its so expensive from a hotel. I was goingto leave a mesage on her machine but she was home sick and picked up. I was gointo yell at her for tellin my dad i went to see her in Houston. My ass got in BIG trouble for that. (And also to tell her PLEASE dont tell him i called this time.) She was all conjested an sounded volnorable and cute on the phone. So i forgot about yellin at her and i cryed allot more an said i wish I coud be there to take care of her when shes sick an make her some soup.

This wasnt me talking but my CODDEPENDENT BAD MAN INSIDE ME takin over.

I beleive i have a codeppendent chemicol inbalance. So Im not to blame.

First i made her promise DONT TELL DAD I called her--and she promissed me. Then she made me promise: WALTER YOU HAV TO PAY ATENTION TO YOUR NEW COUNSLOR. So i promised that.

You see I have 2 problems here: One, i dont like my new counslor and 2 i have dificulty paying atention. I have atention defficit. She did hold up her part ofthe deal--she never told my Dad I called so Ill hold up my promise. Then i told her when my book got printed id be rich and then coud marry her an take care of her all the time and I dont care shes 34 and im 20. So what the hell shes oldor then me. Unlike now, how i have to take care of granfather, HER i woud haul up on the crapper when shes old or sick. Bellive me I have plenty of practice.

OK THATS IT im finished with the rommantic crap in my Novembor update. i tryed to work more on my book but coudnt. Then i tryed to take a nap. People were humping in the next room. The wall was less thick than a grahmm crackor. I heard it all. This is a pattorn in my life: theres always humping in the next room from me. It was eithor loud humpin or some sortof hostage situaton goin on but as there was no cops outside neggotiating I woud assume it was conscensual activity.

I Reconcile with the old basterd