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Oct 96 Update

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Normally Id want to vacation AWAY from granfather rather than WITH him. But i knew my belovved was visitin her folks in Houston which is only 50 miles from the beach. She normaly lives on the other side of Texas near me but i knew her sister was getin married and shed be there. The secret calls i made earlier in the week was me callin there house pretending to be a catering guy makkin sure all the bridemaids were there.

The fight started when my folks woudnt let me borrow the van. Granfather spent that night in the hospitol so i thoght my folks woud be glad to get rid of me to have a night alone. I lied an told them I wanted to visit a freind who moved to Houstin--NOT my counseler.

But it didnt matter cause Dad said the car rental agrement didnt cover drivers under 25 like me. BOY WAS I PISSED.

Then Dad put the keys in his pocket which got me MORE pissed cause it sugested Id be sneaky an steal the van when they was sleepin--I woud NEVER do that and wasnt even thinkin that. MABYE LAST YEAR I would of but NOT this year. I was a whole year more matoure.

Hop on the bus Gus

I stourmed out. I said I was gonna visit granfather in the hospitel. They knew it was a lie cause they were real quiet. They probly figured Id take a bus but were too pissed to even talk to me anymore that night. Just as well cause I was pissed at them. I made a samwich and took a beer with me.

I was nervuos on the bus and figdety and crying a little. This girl next to me moved and then someone else near me asked me to PLEASE STOP. I was ashamed cause they didnt know my famly problems or how much i loved my counslor and missed her. But instead all I was to these strangors was some weird guy on the bus.

I found her house OK. I was there once before (DONT ASK). It was a long walk, like 6 miles to the suburbs and you have to go thru 2 whole crappy neigboarhoods.

I remember drivin thru a bad part of town once with granfather when I was a kid. He leaned over to me and said I THINK ILL LEAVE YOU RIGHT HERE, BOY! and then made his evil cackeling Tails Of The Criptlike laugh. Some people have WEIRD SICK sences of humor.

So I get there at 1 AM and the whole house is dark. I go around back cause I know her room is by sliding glass doors. I knocked on it.

My counslor woke up and her sister was in there too. The sister lives far away but is gettin married on Saturday so her and my counslor are back sleepin in their old childhood beds. My counselor is 34 an I know thers an age difforence (I am 20) but what can i say i still love her.

They were actualy still awake and talking which was lucky cause otherwise they might of been pissed or scared and started yapping or even screaming.

I was amazed she was nice to me cause she told me NEVER to write or call or write her poems ANYMORE. They let me in the door and then I hugged her an started cryin but didnt say anythin. She asked me if I was drinkin. I had just the one beer walkin up the street just 5 minuts before, but i got to thinkin that if she thouht I was drunk mabye she woudnt kick me out so fast. So I said YES.

So I sat on my sweetharts bed and put my head in her lap. I cryed more an she patted my head. An I started thinkin to myself OH shit! This is great!

They were talkin about me whisperin and laughing in a hushed voice but not in a mean way. After a while she told the sister to get their father. NOW i thougt my ass was grass but the old guy was nice. He said, What the hell, the whole house was full of relatives, they coud have one more guest.

I felt bad, but they chased a little cousin who was 7 or 8 out of a bed into a sleepin bag. Well, MANY a time I was chased out of my bed during summers in Texas so one of granfathers drunk freinds coud sleep there.

The kid whimpored but ran off to another room. About an hour later laying in the bed i felt warm wetness and realized the kid had peed there and just now it was startin to seep in my clothes. OH GREAT now my counslor and her WHOLE FAMLY will think I did it.

At 5 AM I snuck out of there but first i wrote a note for an slipped it under her door. The note said IM SORRY and also PLEASE PLEASE PLAESE change your mind about me and marry me. Then I relized I slipped it under the wrong door and i coudnt get it back. My life is one houmiliation after another.

Before i left i went to the bathroom also. And her niece whose about my age and real cute opened the door an saw me sittin on the bowl.

The ride home