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Will Rogers never met granfather.

Mid Octobor 96 AUTUNM EXTRA Update

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Heres our chance to lock him up

The whole family mobbilized to collect signed testimoneys of people declairing that granfather was mentaly unsound. In just 3 weeks between me an my dad an stepmom plus my brother an sisterinlaw we had 64 of them.

A night of horrer

By the way the night we returned home after the salad bar incodent you can imagine the Frensh onion soup kicked in. The cops did choose wisely cause the only way i coud sleep was to get a gauze mask and fill it with cloves an cracked pepporcorns an wear it all night and also set up 2 Vornado fans in each of the open windows of the trailor plus a third one lashed dirrectly to granfathers nakad ass with some bunjee cord and a pillowcase full of rags soaked with Oil of Wintorgreen and wet bakking soda tied with frame wire to the fan cage against his skin. I did finaly get to sleep that night but I froze my frikkin bucket off.

THIS DELLICIUOS COOL BREEZE IS A TREAT FOR MY BALLS said granfather at least 12 times before dozing off. I now find these remedeis from war vetterans I met over the internet. They tell me how to kill the smell around rotting flesh. These inovattive methods almost work for granfathers ass and farts.

What do you do for an animol?

This is a qeustion asked often amonsgt us Millers around the dysfonctional family hearth. But now granfathers treatment was up to me. Dad had left ME in charge of the judges order of counciling. He said I was almost 21 and needed to show some responsobbility and to just GROW UP WALTER.

I cant tell you how it hurts that Im the second bigest family problem after granfather. The tone my family talks to me with hurts. They call me a screwup even when they dont use those words yes it wounds me deep in my chest. They treat me like a failore. i JUST CANT HELP IT THAT i AM ONE.

There all still pissed at me for running off to see my counsellor. My whole family (except The Beast thank God) confronted me to GET OVER HER plus she also wrote me a note and said that while she cares for me its olny from a distence. I coud tell from the jist of the letter that my chances of her ever marreying me right NOW are more slimmer than ever. And if she wont marrey me i wont ever marey anyone.

But i did have a good idea

Yes even on a broken Micky Mouse watch like me theres 2 times a day when it tells the right time even if Micky does look spastic. My idea: how do you deal with an animel? just treat him like one.

Yes a nice person in a Prodigy chat room sugested i try an Animal Behavioral Therapest. There are a few in the big citeis but I found one just 2 hours away. If i coud prove he bahaved like a demented animal we coud have him incarceratted, and perhaps be lucky enough to have him destroyed.

I called our lawyer and he said mabye yes, mabye no, but anyway GO FOR IT WALTER. So I made plans to pack up the old beast and load him into the Dodge Dart Swinger.

Many thanks to the voluntear firemen

With the main goal in mind of the scourge of the county (granfather) leaving our environns for good there were many who rallyed to help. I had a barbacue for some vollunter firemen and all the beer they wanted and they helped me build a giant pet carrier for the ride out.

These guys were teriffic especialy Buck, Waylon and Jack who i promised to mention in this web site. This is what neighbor helping neighboer is all about. Even grandfather who knows hes an ornerey sunnufobitch during long car rides appreceited the small town spirit of helpin others in your comunnity in need. He likened the outpuoring of help in building his pet carrier to an old faschioned countrey barn raising.

ITS SO FRIGGIN TOUCHING IT MAKES YOU JUST WANT TO GO OUT AN VOTE FOR DOLE 3 OR 4 TIMES said granfather. If he was bein sarcaustic I coudnt tell. And neither coud anyone else ecxept Buck who thougt he was bein a wiseass.

YES, we punched holes in the top

And we also put a square of pissy carpating on the floor with a bowl of food and a water bottle. We really needed the pet carryer for granfather. Its just that the way we traveled with him in that rented van really didnt work out.

I folded up the whealchair an stuck it in the trunk. I noticed a black and yellow bumpor sticker granfather had put on the back of the wheelchair that said HONK IF YOU LOVE OS/2. You know that this is a sick man.

A Trouble Free ride