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Late Late-Augost 1997 Update

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Annatomy of a secret fling

I am the last person who is perceptive of these matters but even still Granfather was conducting an ellaborate ruse. You must understand The Colonel lives way up near Dallas like 7 or 8 hours drive away (at least). The first thing he did was formally meet with her, (with his girlfreinds knowlege) to talk her into dropping those charges involving his abuse of our dogs. Next, he talked the Cornol into giving us her old car for free.

i realy SHOUD of known troubble was brewing. I had called The Cornol's house after Granfather and his girlfreind took a trip up there to visit because i wanted to see if they got there OK. At that time The Colonol got on the phone to talk to me to see if the dogs really ARE being cared for better.

Ovor the phone, I heard Granfather in the backround, sayin things like: "GARSH YOU SURE SMELL PURTY", and, "Y'AINT LOOKIN' POORLY FER A WOMAN IN A BUZZCUT", and also: "SINCE YOURE A 'WINTER', THE COLOR KHAKI DONE LOOK FINE ON YOU"; (Granfather is really into the 'Color Me Beutiful' book lately).

I SHOUD OF KNOWN it was The Cornol he was feeding this shameless flirtatuios talk to--becuase I found out LATER that granfather's girlfreind wasnt even in the house at the time I called: She was 50 miles away for her arraignment date. (DONT ASK).

After this there were secret rondezvuox's

About once a week, Granfather woud disappear for almost a full day, claiming to be goin fishing with Junior, the man in our town who takes care of our dogs when we're away.

Meanwhile, Junior was really driving Gramps up to the nearest airport to where we live (about 150 miles away) just as the Colonel was catching a commuter flight down from Ft Worth. (Both of the old hag sisters have allot of freqeunt flyer miles & i dont know why). There Gramps and the Colonol would meet in a cheap motel. Back here at home, Granfather's oblivvious girlfreind would even pack a lunch for the old troll. Little did she know he was goin off for some AFTORNOON DELIHGT with her own SISTOR.

The really awful part was that youd THINK the extra strain on the libbido woud be slowing down the old bastord.

But no.

After supper Gramps woud be chasin his squaw around the kitchon table with his alunimum walker lustfully chortolling things like IM GONNA GIT ME SOME and also LET'S PLAY 'BANDITO AND THE SCHOOLMARM' AGINN. Disgousting bastord.

Granfather and Junior always came home with fish but only bacause Junior woud be fishing alone. Granfather smells so bad you usualy dont catch anything when hes arround because his odor frightans away most marine life, ecxept that when he makes a big giant fart and hes close to shore, whatever fish nearby die and float to the surface. (I saw this happan when I was a kid, 2 diferent times at Lake Travis).

After he was coght as a red-handed cheater

It put a dampor on our family reunion to say the least. At that moment there in the motel parking lot in California when the whole family found out, Granfathers girlfreind ran off very upset and we didnt see here for a few days.

The next day I did the only sensoble thing.

I went to Siggraph

I was planing to go to Mac World instead and even had a place to stay in Boston but my fragile family and work situaton prohibited me from going, plus i coudnt afford the flight. (Howevor from what I heard from my freinds who went, the giant Bill Gates Face coming at you on the huge screen was even more scarier than the giant Bill Clinton Ass comin at Granfather in that nightmare of his which I wrote about in my last update.)

There were also people i was suposed to meet in Siggrahp who I sent a resume to. I have this fantacy of getting a job in California and then just leaving Granfather to fend for himself--and to hell with what the courts and also my prior agreements say on the matter.

I screw things up

I went over to the booth and the guy I was suposed to meet wasnt there. I was 5 minuts early but like a jerk I was very anxious so I asked where he might be, and they said he went to the Silicon Graphics booth to meet a freind he hasnt seen from college. So I went there lookin for him. But there were TWO Sillocon Graphics booths and i went to the wrong one and by the time I got back I was not 5 minuts early but 10 minutes late. This is the way it always is with me: If there are 2 descisions to be made, and even if the right decisoin is to just SIT STILL, i will still make the WRONG desision

A horroble Granfather-rellated discovory