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If this is 'the answor', it must have been a very, very stupid qeustion indeed.

Late Late-Augost 1997 Update

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It happenned so fast

I was in the next room tryin to ignore the screams of them both and I heard the familiar rattle of Granfather pullin his wheelchair toword the bed as to hop in it when I sudenly heard him thundering out in pain and also a loud horroble sound like bones crunching plus a metallic straining popping noise.

I ran into the room

I coudnt believe my eyes. What was actualy happening was the old spurned and distruaght hag was closing up the sofa bed while granfather was STILL IN IT.

When i came in the room I saw him only from the shoulders up as the old bitch closed the bed shut. His face was contourted in agoney, his yellow eyes flashing in disbelief. The bloodcuordling screams were quickly drowned out and then virtualy muffled to near silence as the collapsing steel jaws of the mattress swallowed him up in the depths of its voluminuous cottony abyss.

I fainted

Its ammazing, but the first thing i thought of at that instant beffore unconscoiusness, was NOW that he's trapped in that sofa, HOW am I going to sprey Granfather's balls with Lotramein, which is what i do twice a day. There are PLENTY of maintenance i have to do in that area of the old bastords body as it is, like lance boils and more, (ALLOT more), and with many asorted creams and jellies, but just this one simple task is what popped in my head.

Lotramein is an active-ingredeint anti-fungol powdor sprey. You do not need a perscription.

When i came to 5 minutes later, the old squaw was whistling "Que Sera, Sera" and calmly placing the sofa cuschions back in their place while Granfather was locked up in the center of the bed. I got very upset an started freakin out. i thought granfather was going to die. I wanted to kill the old shrew but she waddled off to the bathroom an locked herself in and i heard her peeing from behind the door like nothin hapenned.

No one was home except me. Just at that minute My brother and sister inlaw drove up from taking my folks to the airport to catch their flight back to San Jose. They saw me upset and crying. I quikly told them what hapenned and was almost hystericol and ran for the phone to call 911 but my brother said ABSOLUTLY NOT because his landlord told him if there was one more peep from there apartment they woud be evicted.

Everyone fights with everyone.

All of a sudden we had one of those tence lifeboat situations where no one knew what side to take or what to do next, and all we did was all scream at each other. Did you ever see the movie about the Mutiny on the Bountey with Anthony Hokpins and Mel Gibsen right when Captian Bligh is overthrown: There is that scene on the deck of the ship where everyone is hollerin at each other threatoning, screaming and pointing guns and all of that. Well THATS what hapenned.

I coud NOT let Granfather die

I grabbed at the couch to open it up. Granfather was wailing from the inside and very faintly you coud hear him. It sounded exactly like someone doing a imitation of Neal Young caterwauling while comin off of some bad acid. A puddle of dark liqiud pooled on the floor beneath.

I hated Granps guts just like aneyone else but didnt want the old bastord to die: NOT while his family allowed it. My sister in law sprang on me screaming, "NO LEAVE HIM IN THERE", and she started to say LET HIM DIE but changed her words to make it sound like Granfather woud get hurt MORE if we opened the couch up--but I KNEW she just wanted to let him suffocate in there.

My brother kicked the bathroom door in and screamed at the old hag" "What the HELL did you do??" ecxept he used a strongor word than hell.

Now the old biddy started crying.

She bleated over and over that she'd "done time in jail before" and killing granpy woud be worth spending 20 more years there. She pitched foward to grab me and prevent me from opening up the couch. I already had my sister in law holding me and I coudnt fight off the 2 women by myself...

The old bastord is TRAPPED.