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Sept 96 Update

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Walter please com back

This was the plea of my brother on the phone to me late one night this past week. I cry allot an he NEVER crys but his voice was real close. We always got along our whole life but these few months theres some strain. Its all because of granfather as you might of guessed. Plus he blamed me for him havin to be there.

Aperrently the man's oder is geting much worse. Hes very ininhibbited about passin gas and when he does its just like someone opened a bottle of muriattic acid in the room. Your eyes burn like hell. If he does it near the computer one bad fart coud erase whole secters of the hardrive. Any 5-inch floppey is vunlerable to courruption. We have a big wool blanket and my brother covered my computer an all the equitment with it even though my system is covered with granfathers homeowner pollicy for Acts Of God but since hes the devil's spawn I woudnt want to have to try to collect. THEY KNOW HIM. The man who sold the policy got out of the insurance busines to avoid comin to our house once a year.

Also granfathers cardboard animol-like coller to keep him from biting wounds on his shoulder and back so they coud heal got all soggey like a wet gramm cracker from granfathers spittin tobbaco juice and they both agreed to take it off for a while and see how that goes.

Mostly his personnality is the big problem: Me, Im easy to push around but my granfather an my brother got strong personalities an they fought the whole time. When granfather hits me I just take it. When he hits my brother he hits him back. He doesnt care hes in a wheelchair. Like i said granfathers not parralized but he can stand up for a short minute or so an make a few shufflin steps here an there.

Oh, Hell kick your ass

When my granfathers pissed enough to attack hell spring up at you an on a few occasoins they resorted to fisticuffs. The cops came to the trailer 2 times.

The First incodent

On the first full day alone with him, my brother an granfather got in a fight. Me an my brother have a pact: We always report granfathers slanders of one another. For exampel, when Im alone with him, he tells me that my brother is smarter and cooler than me and also says bad things about me behhind my back. Granfather also tells me reppeatedley that Im a SCREW-UP and my brother HAS HIS LIFE ALL TOGETHER.

He revverses it when hes with my brother: He tells him that Walter is smarter, cooler an HAS HIS LIFE ALL TOGETHER. Also he tells my dad that both his sons hate him and he tells us both dad hates US. Mean basterd.

Get a career, boy!

Granfather gives us both a hard time about our careers. He tells me: YOUR BROTHERS A SUCESS IN THE MILITERY, AND YOUR A SCREU-UP. Then he tells my brother: WALTERS A BIGSHOT IN COMPUTORS and my brothers just a buck-ass low-rank grunt.

Condecsending Basterd

Granfathers mantra that he reppeats to us both over an over in this high-fallutin tone thats very condessending and patronizing is:

Here is a man who never worked a day in his lazy life but just sat on his skraggley emmaciated ass accmoulating colectibles, abusing his fammily and collecting various goverment checks that someone else has to take to the bank for him cause hes too friggin lazy. My brother put up with these rantings for a while until granfather started in on his wife.

Bad Blood

Theres bad blodd between granfather an my brother an sisterin-law. In my April 96 update i report how in 1995 he said creul things about her. Him and my brother almost came to blows.

Plus a sore point with granfather is that my brother has never let his son who is just one year old go near granfather or sit on his lap. Granfather is REAL HURT about this an says I CANT EVEN SEE MY GREAT GRANCHILD GOLDAMMIT. I can sort of understand his hurt. But I also understan by brothers view. This is a major rift in my family an no one has an answer for it. What a dysfunctional bunch of misfits. I swear it our family makes the Adams family look like the frikkin Bradey Bunch.

Huh! Huh! Huh!