Walter Miller Homepage -- SPECIAL POLITICOL UPDATE
Part I continued

ITS A BIG TENT Granfather always says about his party. Yeah its GOT to be big in order to hold the whole circus includding HIM, the main sideshow freak. Even though he follows politics and always votes (and so far, Ive done neither), me an the old beast do enjoy ocassional polliticol discussions (as long as there VERY short ones an hes not spittin on me when he screams.). Somtimes i share with granfather my admittedley ignorent Generation X theories like:

Bill Gates is probly a Democrat

Me an granfather got in a big argument where i said that Bill Gates was probly a Democraut an granfather yelled THERES NO WAY THAT RICH BOY AINT A DOLE MAN. But the reason I know this is because i use Word for Windows 7.0 for Windows 95 AND YOU KNOW HOW BAD I SPELL.

I dont normally use the spellchecker but once in a while i say what the hell lets see what it would do if I ran somthin thruogh it.

Well the spellchecher on 7.0 counts the words NIXON and REAGAN as spelled WRONG. But it also counts CLINTON, KENNEDY, JOHNSON and CARTER as spelt RIGHT. For Nixon it comes up with NIKON as a possobility and for REAGAN it offers REIGN and also REGAIN. For the Democrats they dont have nothing marked wrong. If you dont beleive me try it at home.

Self-hating Democrat that my old granfather is, the old crank said its cause the damn Demmycrats cant spell and Rebublicons can, an Gates is smart enuough to know that. He asked me what the hell I was doin even considering not voting Democrat all the way being that I spell so bad.

I told him that Im not at all politicol and havent made up my mind yet and also GRANFATHER MABYE I SPELL BAD AT LEAST I DONT SMELL BAD.

Granfathers random views on varrouis politicians

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