Walter Miller Homepage -- SPECIAL POLITICOL UPDATE
Part II Granfathers politicol brushes with fame

John F. Kennedey

Earley on in the 1960 primary season granfather hapenned to be in Florida an JFK who was a Sennator at the time was in a resuarant there with his family and staffers. Granfather came over to the table to tell Kennedey that you prounounce it 'Cuba' NOT 'Cuber'.

Only little Caroline was born at this time an granfather made baby talk to her an scared the freakin daylights out of her. She started screamin. Jaqkie looked pissed but Mr. Kennedy flashed his fammous smile and was very jovvial and made a few funny jokes and wittey banter to humor the old beast but made a signol with his finger on his eyebrow

Out of no where Big Keneddy goons appeared who were probly hired by old Joe Kenndy senior as bodygaurds and they whisked granfather out of the restuarant. Out in the parkin lot a scuffel insued an granfather decidded hed fihgt back. He got the crap beat out of him. But durin the fight he did knock the biggest goon out off the campain trail for a few days. Granfather kicked him square in the grapes.

Herbert Hoovor

In the early 1960s my granfather and his older brother were in New York to meet this rich guy to buy colectibbles. Granfather just won allot of money betting on horses that year.

Hed just watched Breafkast at Tiffanies and wanted to hang around the Warldoph Astoria lobby to meet rich call girls. He even had a Georg Peppard haircut. He didnt find any call girls but an old fammiliar man walked by an someone called him 'Mr. Hoover." Granfather ecxitedly asked THE VACCUME MAN? and his brother said NO STUPID THE OTHER ONE.

Granfather ran up to him an said THANKS MR HOOVER FOR ROOTIN ALL THOSE COMMIE PRICKS OUT OF OUR GOVERMENT. Then the old man said NO im not J. Egdar Hoover, Im the other hoover the 31st president of the United States. Granfather said WELL GOLDAMIT HOW AM I SOPPOSED TO KNOW.

Hoover was about 90 years old at the time and lived at the Waldorf and was humoured by the incident an said DONT BE EMBARRASED IT HAPPENS ALLOT. He was nice to granfather an gave him an autogragph. Then the old basterd had to almost ruin things by askin Mr Hoover if he knew where he coud meet some naughtey women in New York. But fortunatley my uncle says he didnt hear what granfather said.

Richerd Nixon

Granfather has a severol Nixon stories mostley involving heckelling but these few are the ones I hear the most. Heres the first one: Towword the end of the long sad summer of 1974 after Nixon resiggned he liked to walk allong the beach in Calofornia in his presidential windbreaker and big old blue shorts. Well another "windbreakor" prowled the beach at that time too--YOU KNOW WHO. My dad had just moved out to L.A. an granfather came to visit.

The old sneakey basterd (granfather not Nixon) was out there with his metol detector. Nixon dropped some change in the sand probly when he had his hand in his pocket scratchin his balls or somthing. He noticed granfather who was about 500 yards away with the metol detecter. Nixon sent a seccret service agent over to granfather to ask if he coud use his detector to find the change for Nixon. So granfather did it. It was about a buck-twenty in nickels an dimes.

Nixon said THANKS and nodded pollitely but woudnt shake granfathers hand probly becuase he smelled. Granf ther got angrey an the secret service said HES NOT PRESIDENT NO MORE BUT YOUD BETTER GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE ANYWAY or they would of aressted him.

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