Walter Miller Homepage -- SPECIAL POLITICOL UPDATE
Part II: Granfathers pollitical brushes with fame

Franklind Roosevelt

When FDR came to texas to campaine in 1940 granfather had his first heckling eppisode. The president was at the train station givin a speech. Granfather who was in those days a barefoot scruffy filthey shirtless child in sharecropper overalls with one of the latches hangin down kept interupting FDR's speech by continualey screamin out WE HAVE NOTHIN TO FEE-AH BUT FEE-AH ITSELF over an over an over and was genorally making an ass out of himself. He also made Ellenor's high pitched bloodcourdling voice sayin FRANKLIN, YOUR MA-MAAH MUST AGAIN GO TO THE LOO.

Rossevelt stopped the speech in the middle an started laughin an said "I want to see whose doing this." When the he saw my granfather FDR said in his melliflouous crowd-plesasing Harvord-accented voice: "I declare, I have not ev-aah seen such a spectacularly ugly youngst-aah" and the whole crowd laughed.

It was funny then but seeing my granfather as a kid frigtened FDR into not having more kids of his own. Also Ellenor was so scared of havin more kids she lost interest in men.

Calven Coolidge

Silent Cal was sillent no more after seeing my scarey granfather who was just a baby at the time. This story comes from my granfathers brother Uncle Zeke who was there and was 9 or 10 when it hapenned.

Granfathers family was on a trip vissitin relatives in Washignton and his mother was wheelin the baby carraige down K street. Former president Cooledge was walkin the other way and glanced in the carriage when out popped a mean hissing mongrel-like infant who reared up grasping the edge of the carrage with the razor sharp clawlike talons of his little hands snarling and growling at him. I saw a photo of granfather as a baby once. He made frikkin Rosemarys Baby look like Sweet Pea. He was scarier than the Chuckey doll from those movies.

Coolige who was good at hiding emotion his whole life was vissibly shaken with fear and said in his Vermont twang "Ayuh Ayuh that kid looks like a deformed calf we burried up the farm when i was a kid" an also he nervously chattered on uncontrolobly for the next 5 minutes an probly spoke more than he did the whole time he was president.

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