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I knew he couldnt get far becuase we had no gas in the car. Remember they reffused to serve us? We have 2 stations in our town and later in the day when he come back I called the other station. Granfather was there laughing his ass off with a roll of bills in his shirt pocket of Western shirt which is his best shirt and said he was on his way to a antique and collectible show near Dallas-atleast 4 hours from us mabye more. They told me what they saw and from it I peiced it all together.

First he must of whealed outside and pulled the whealchair in the car behind him. He doesnt have strenth to press gas and break peddels but he was braggin to the guy at the gas station that he took a golfclub and uses that to press on the breakes.

Also to acellerate he punched a hole in the firewall and tied heavey test fishing line to the accelorrator rod and that little spring under the carberater. All he has to do is pull on it to give the car gas. I cant say for sure but I think hes stering the car by gripping the stearing wheel in his friggin teeth.

Anyway the old bastord is missing 2 days now. He told me sevveral months ago he had a court order against my printing his real name and address on the web. I dont know if its enfourceable but we have to just go on a description.

Hes 62 years old Caucassian, is 5 ft 8 but bent gnarled and crumpled up, is very wirey and weighs 130 pounds, has black hair and yellow eyes, has an orengey-yellowish brown complection, lots of distingouishing marks and smells like a brontosaurouses ass. Hes wearin a blue Western poleyestur shirt with a scene of a roundup sticched on the shuolders and front. The shirt has fake mother of pearl buttens. You have seen these shirts on eldorly men from roural areas of the US. He is also wearin an adult diaper with no trousors; black socks, brown slippers, an ace bandage on his left knee and a cone-shaped cardboard collar aruond his neck approxomatly 2 feet in raddius with his head in the middle. Also according to repports he MAY be talking with an English accent.

FOR A MORE DETAILLED DESCRIPTION of the old subhuman curoiusity, READ MY FEBUARY 96 UPDATE. I called the old girlfreind and she hasnt seen him. She did tell me if granfathers gone for good she'd be availoble for ME--(it has been 2 days since I heard her say this to me and I cannot sleep and the only thing I can keep down withuout barfing is small sips of club soda.)

Granfather is the legal owner of the car. The car is a darkgreen 4-door 1970 Dogde Dart Swinger with a black vinal roof thats in strips and tatters. I dont remeber his license number. PLAESE write if you see him. He needs his medication for his heart every day and could die if he doesnt get it. Also he has prostrate trouble an hes not supossed to lift heavey things even though hes strong enough. Also with no pants hell get cold and he has poor ciurculation. The boils an carbuncles must be cared for dailey. Hes a misseroble old man but he IS my granfather and even more so hes my responsoboility. Hopfully by my August update hell be found.

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