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Yes i as long as I was in New Jersey i might as well go to New York. Not that theres nothin wrong with "Joisey", my mom is from there. Thats how she used to talk. Granfather used to mak cruel fun of her joisey acent but she was allways able to deal with her old basterd father inlaw.

I took a bus into Manhatten Island planning to see some of the people i used to do freelance work for from 2 thuosand miles away in my little trailer of hell I call home. Granfather was being a real pain in the ass and wanted to come also, but I perseuaded him to stay in the hotel. The first step in the counciling was for him and his brother Zeke to spend some time alone of bonding and healing.

Yes, two days of hangin arround the hotel (unless they got there asses thrown out of there for a fistfight which has hapened before) woud be good for them. It woud be the first stop on a journey of wreckonciliation that shoud of begun 50 or 60 years ago. (Uncle Zeke is ten years oldor than Granps, and the two of them never got along well even as kids. And yes, by the way, all the probblems they ever had was allways Granfathers fault.)

It must of been prety hard for the two old gents to spend that time togethor; (hard for the old basterd because Uncle Zeke had so recently treid to have Granps killed; hard for Uncle Zeke, being how badly Granfather smells).

Besides i coudnt bare to have another disgousting meal at that danm hotel restaurrant. They had this horroble stew one night for supper that you coudnt even tell what it was. I tell you it looked like Hollywood prop vomit.

Well anyway as soon as I arived in Newyork City I went and looked up the place I used to do freelance work for. When I got there almost everyone was new. No one at my old area even reckonized my name anymore. One guy even said to me "Oh Yeh your that Walter Miller guy: You are a has-been we got rid of last year." Atcualy it was only last June they got rid of me.

That night i got togethor with my old freind Levi who we once worked on a project togethor and we hung out and ate supper. I know theres allot of nice places to eat being that its the biggest city in the world and Levi said he was wiling to eat anywhere being that I am from out of town. Anyway, I said why dont we eat at the Olive Gardon which was kindof stupid being that we coud of ate anywhere. I just sort of sat there during suppor with nothing to say which is normally what I do. People who read my website allways want to meet me in persen but whenevor they do there always dissapionted because I am such a danm stick in the mud.

Then right as we were leaving, a tough gang of youths acosted us in Times Sqaure and started pushin and shoving us. I said to them QUIT IT! and was really scared that we were goingto get shot or somthing being that this is Newyork City. Anyway we went inside a restuarant and got some pie for desert and hung out some more. I had the cherry pie.

There was realy nothin to talk about. So i told Levi about how when i was a kid, like three or 4 I got a cherrey pit stuck up my nose and it took an hour for my Dad to fish it out. Him and my mom (who was alive then) got extreamely upset when I told them that the reasen why i did it was that I saw Granfather do it. Granfather then, (as now) has this awful habbit of stickin and puttin seeds and nuts up his nose and it reached a highpoint when he served in the milittary in the Far East with all these troppicol berries and plants. And I remmember on sevoral ocasions we had to rush the old basterd to the docter becuase of roots and tendrills growin out his nose and ears and even once his ass. One very nasty plant is atleast 40 years old and wrapped arround his tiny brainstem and upper spine and ocasionaly when he sneezes real hard very mature peices of bark will come out. They will never be able to opperate.

Levi had this look on his face that i thoght meant that he was very bored an he kept swalowwing over and over. I said, "I am sorry for boring you about Granfather," and he just shook his head and started lookin all around the restuoront. One of his eyes teared up but the othor one stayed dry. It was realy weird. I think I was making him sick. He had actualy stayed over our house once abuot two years ago and met Granfather and so he knows what the old basterd is all about. I appolloggized and levi said "Dont worrey about it."

I hate traveling

The reasen why i hate it is that your body sort of clams up (or at least mine does) and I think this goes back to when huemans were apes and they had this primevol self preservattion gene where when they were traveling a long distence in rellation to the moon and sun, their body thinks that they are taking flight to flee danger and for ovbious reasons cannot crap. Until you absullutly have to. Like me, that night. In a danm restuarant.

I ecxused myself from the table and told Levi he coud finish my chery pie if he wanted to and he said NO THANKS.

Travelling stinks

Theres nothin worse than havin to drop a load in a small dark booth made of old streakey stained darkley painted plywood on top of one of those extremly tiny toilets that are so far low to the floor which seem to be built for those tiny peoplle who pile out of miniatture cars at the circus where you dont know what is or is not dark paint or streaks or stains. I have long legs which tend to fall asleep but how coud you when your whole body is clenched in a way in the hopes that no dangling part of your humannity anattomy touches any exposed surface while you cramp and gnarl yourself as to do your businness hoping and praying that at no partucoulor point in time you feel the cool press of porcelan. Plus you allways knows what hapenns next, there is nevor any toilat paper. That is a given. An expectad complication. An undenioble ocurrance. And, directly propportionate to how bad you atcualy need the paper. And so, I usualy plan to take a wad of tisseus or napkins from the table with me, which of course I forgot. Like I allways do. I sware to God once at Comdex I used a bunch of Travelor's Checks for cryin out loud that was in my wallat and then a week later reported them as lost.

so it took forevor and I reallize that the whole time I am sittin there my freind is at the table and his food is gettin cold and he is too polite to eat withuot me. Levi was real nice abuot it but i coud when I got into my seat he had this look on his face that was, like, What the hell did you fall in there or WHAT.

Then outside the resturant as we crossed the aveneu to go back to where he was going to get on the Queens Subway to go back to where he lives that gang of youthes that we saw before passed us in the othor dirrection . They said "You are the fagots we saw before" and then they turned around and started folwing us.

I do not like bein threatened by a gang. I said to them "We dont want no troubel," and they said to us "We will kick your ass.

After we left