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The Latest E-mail Lettors about Wedgies from Around the World!!

Keep Writing them in folks--one day we'll get all the Countreis.

Here is a wondorful note I received not too long ago abbout International Wedgies:

Dear Walter,
I thoroughly enjoyed your Wedgie Page. I read about it in The Web and when I got 10 free hours of Compuserve, I had to see it!

My own wedgie saga began years ago when a Chinese friend told me that there's no word for wedgie in Mandarin Chinese. We are translators and interpreters, by the way, so mine is a linguist's point of view. I know that in Curacao, a Caribbean island that was once a Dutch colony, there is a local dialect called "Papiamentu", which has an expression instead of a word:

"Dň riá pegá".

A "dň riá" is a coin that was used about 100 years ago. "Pegá" means stuck, so the image is of a coin being stuck in your butt. Charming, isn't it?

Well, while studying in Belgium, I decided to ask a random woman in a laundromat how to say wedgie in French. She looked at me as if I were from another planet but said that there's no word. You have to describe it. Later someone told me that if we'd been in Paris, she would've thought I was a lesbian with an interesting pick-up line.

Recently, I discovered an expression in Mexican Spanish: "Están comiendo", which means "they are eating", which refers to your butt cheeks eating your pants.

I must admit that I was disappointed in the human race when I read your section on types of wedgies, Walter. You see, I was convinced that wedgies were only accidental. I didn't know that people GAVE them to each other.

How barbaric!

Take care

Ms. Z.

- - - - -

Dear, most precious Ms Z.,
Thank you for the extrodinary, fabbulous and incredibble information abbout wedgies. i hope you dont mind if i use this in my next Wedgie page update.

I am so glad that my humbol page was somthing deemed worthy of your 10 free hours of Compuserve. Yes, oddly, the straite-laced Comupserve people ofton have the best wedgie stories. Old Steve Case nevor woud of believed how diferent the demmographic truly is from all those boring presentations he must of sat through in the last year concerning AOL's purchase of Compuserve. (Those must of been some teddious meetings; I wondor if at any point his shorts went up his ass).

As far as your qeustion on the historricol things i wrote abbout: Where did i get them? Deep digging, my freind, deep digging. Thank you again,

Your freind,

Walter Miller

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