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    Well, with a Butt Page, Booger Page and Nipple Server, its time the web had a


    Comitted to the idea that wedgies should never be practiced but allways remembered, this page cellebrates the time-honnered hiking of another boys' underwear up his buttcrack for hummiliation infront of others in the 9 to 14 age group.

    History of Wedgies

    Wedgies are a part of the anals of our history. Its a male dommination and comming of age ritual. They date back to the Egpytions and have been reppresented in cave paintings, hyroglyphics and Aztec frescos. Philip of Macedon encooraged his son after a creul wedgie at school--that boy grew up to be Alexander the Great. They say Michelanglo gave pope Paul the 3rd a wedgie. Also, Henry Duke of Richmond gave one to Richard III during the 1485 battle of Bosworth Feild. Upon the arrest of Alven "Creepy"Karpis in 1936, J Egdar Hoover hikked Karpis' boxers up to the nape of his neck. Ammong Presidents, Nixon, Bush and both Rosevelts got wedgies in their youth while Jackson, Lincon, LBJ and Clinton gave them. Ammong baseball greats Tye Cobb and Pete Rose were notorrious givers of Wegdies.

    An anceint Persian wedgie joke c.350 BC goes something like this: A man comes back from the marketplace with 2 black eyes. His wife asks what hapenned. He says "It was crowded and a fat lady on line infront of me had part of her robe in her buttcrack. To be polite I tryed to pluck it out. Then she hit me." The wife asks how did he get the 2nd blackeye. The man says "Since she was upset I then tryed to put it back the way she had it." This joke was doccumented authentic over the years by such lumminaries as Bosworth and Samual Peeyps. Clearly the noble wedgie is part of our history and hummanity.

    Types of Wedgies:

    The Classic--we all experienced it

    The boy getting it: Shame. Discrace. Anger. The boy givving it: Wrist action. Speed. Grace. My tourmentor from grade 5 - 9 was a fat bullie named Raymond Chavez. The worst part about it (unless a girl was there) was never the laughter. It was explaing the skid marks to my mom

    Hanging wedgie

    Only once I got this. I drank to much beer at a carnival and my friends put me on a chailnink fence in the parkin lot by my ellastic. I woke up and dug my heels in the fence so it wasnt that bad. I pukked on my friends head so I got even

    Accidental wedgie

    Geting out of a car to fast with the seatbelt the wrong way, clipping suspenders to the wrong layer, or running from a tornado and getting cougt on the screen door handle--its all the same

    Lockerroom Wedgie

    Associated with suplementery hummiliation-like in Breakfest Club when Charley Sheen admitted taping a boys cheeks together after a wedgie. The best part of the movie is when he felt so bad abbout it afterword he cried.

    Power Wedgie

    Same as abbove but with the Wedgie Master useing 2 hands. Usualy acompanyied by wet towel snaps to the visibbly remaining part of the ass.

    Fudgie Wedgie

    Self explannatory. Any wedgie with an abbundance of brown pulpy matter as a result (and not just a reglar dry skidmark).

    Centrifical Wegdie

    The worst of all. I got this one at age 9. Iwas staying at my granfathers house in Texas.He cought me in the barn doing somthing bad. OK I was toutching myself. He hikked my underware up then stuck his arms out stiff. He twerled me around and around in a circle in front of him till my feet came off the floor-I spun around by the centrifocal force. After 7 or 8 times around he let me go- I flew across the barn an landed face first in dog doo. Centrifical wedgie was also Populrized by Dilbert who calls it a twerling wedgie. The way things turn out today my grandfatther is in a whelchair and I take care of him. To read more about my mean granfather click here for my HOME PAGE.Just so you know the fammily went to therappy and we are working things out. I am learning to acept myself and situations. MANY HAVE WRITTEN--IM WORKING ON MY SPELLING. . Also, Im overcomming a poor selfimage problem. Bear with me. Look here for later updattes. Please submit Wedgie-relatted information to: walter_miller@hotmail.com

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