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The moral "slippery slope" just got slipperier, thanks to a visit from Granfather.

The Humilliatingly LATE Update covering Aogust, September and Octobor 2000

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The playing of that sound file, well, it put a dampor on the whole meeting and our asociation with this particulor studio went drastically downhill from there. No one wanted to eat there dessert, (well, Stu did). Afterword, Stu broke the news to them that part of the deal was, (since Granfather was a partner in the project), that he woud be one of the co-stars and have partiol creative control.

"This is a sitcom, right?" one of the studio guys said sarcaustically, "Or is it "Mysteries of the Unexplained?"

Granfather had horrofied them more than fascinated them. (A normal occurance).

The network people were offended by Granfather. The thoght of the old basterd actually being a business partner with them was even worse. The way they left it with us was, DONT CALL US, WELL CALL YOU.

I still have hope that the cartoon project will work out. Somhow we have to edit Granfather down to be pressentable on TV. I know I describe Granfather as a hideous demmonic monster, but he realy is that awful and disgousting. Thank God that in this meeting atleast we did not have to get into how bad he smells. That will come afterword, but as Stu says, after all the contracts are signed.

Stu was upbeat as we left the restuarant.

"Well, Walt. There's always the Fox network," he said cheerfully. Stu said we shoud hang in there and folow our dreams.

Then he dropped a bombshell on me.

His cellphone rang. It was the Directer of Marketing from Rent-A-Temp-Gal(tm) calling. Stu, who is Director of Marketing at Cyberblop, had a great convorsation with him. Stu is a great schmoozer. After a few minutes of joking, laughing and happy squealls of delight, he gets off the phone and tells me that he is NOT coming to the Rent-A-Temp-Gal(tm) meeting tomorrow!!

"You can handle it, Walt," he said. "Ill give you my laptop, and you can run the demo. Me and their marketing guy are playing hookey tomorow. We're catching a jet to Palm Springs to play golf."

I looked at Stu with silent angry betrayol in my eyes. "You know I am not good at presenting. I am too shy," I said. He looked back at me sadley, clearley full of guilt, and bit his lip. "Its not JUST for golf. We'll be talking about business: Internet marketing business. That's what I DO, Walter: I'm a marketeer."

Then Stu put his head down, and muttored, "It wasnt the easiest major in college for nothing you know."

Back in my room that night there was a messege on the phone.

I knew it coudnt be anyone from my family cause no one knew I was there.

Dammit, dammit DAMMIT

Dammit, It was Tilde, and there was no way I wanted to talk to her. I deleted the messege and as soom as i hung up the phone rang agian. When I picked up, it was once again TILDE.

"Oh dear," she said, "I'm so sorry about everything." We got in a fight and started screamin at eachother. Then she started in with the watorworks. Yes she started crying. Then I started cryin too. Me and her have the most disfunctionol reationship between a manager and subordinnate than anyone in the world.

We ended everything nicely, and were no longor mad at eachother. She even appollogized for puking on me. Then like a jerk, I told her some personol stuff about the top secret cartoon meeting that i was not suposed to. She told me that her "newly aquired psychic powers" already told her about it. By the time I hung up I figured that by the time I got back to Texas she'll of blabbed it allover half the state anyway.

The meeting the next day

The next day we had the meeting at Rent-A-Temp-Gal(tm) headquartors. These pompous asses who are my bosses at Cyberblop cannot take a rental car over there, they have to use a friggin limousine. Cyberblop is NOT as important as they make it out to be, They are not even profitable for Cryin out loud.

Rent-A-Temp-Gal(tm) headquortors was a bland rundown cheap place that looked like a run down hospitol. Stu as I said was conspicuously absent for our meeting. He asked me to make some lame ecxuse for him. There was a Rent-A-Temp-Gal(tm) guy there who was so extremely rude and mean. His face looked like the comical fake plastic Nose-and-Eyelasses get-up, with the bushey eyebrows atached. He was so abusive he made both Peaches and the creepy guy I interviews with at TechnoDigiMeriCom(R) seem like a freakin Girl Scout weaving a daisy chain. He erupted in anger saying that his danm Marketing guy, (who was also missing, like Stu was), is probly, "out golfing or somthing."

Bouvard once agian does not know what the hell he is talkin about

Bouvard huffed and rambolled incoherently all through the meeting, talking about "Granularity" and also how the Deliverables we are all suposed to Deliver (that is, if we are to meet Milestone objectives) had better danm well have allot of Value Add. And also be "Robust" and "Crisp."

After a while the people in the room split up: Bouvard and Peckushay and the evil Rent-A-Temp-Gal(tm) guy left for anothor meeting. Peaches and myself went down the hall and met with the Rent-A-Temp-Gal(tm) internal web team. This is where I was suposed to Demo.

Of course you can guess what hapenned when I demo'ed the danm presentation.

I acidentaly clicked on the wrong Icon on Stu's desktop. I pulled up a speciel nine-second file which was saved off the cartoon presentation. It was the part of Granfather farting that Stu himself acidentally played for the TV network guys.

But how did it get into a client presentation? Stu clipped it from the cartoon to play a trick on the plane on the way back. Im glad he didnt, cause any noises from Granfather's ass, either live, or else re-played on Mediaplayer is probly a viollation of FAA regulations for Felony disrderley Conduct in Flight and in that case Stu woud of quicky been one canned ham.

When the file was played the speakers on the laptop were cranked up extra high. Also if you run Version 7 off a Compac, you cannot abort once the file is loading. Danm Microsoft bugs.

Peaches started screamin at me. There were 8 or 9 people in there and he hollored at me like crazy. After 20 minuts of Peaches howling, Bouvard, Peckushay and the evil fake Nose-with-the Eyeglasses Rent-A-Temp-Gal(tm) guy returned. He interupted Peaches, tapped his watch, and then said, while leveling his fake looking nose at me, "As of 12 noon today, youre a Rent-A-Temp-Gal(tm) employee." and then he hollored at me, not even knowing why.

The meeting ends.

Bouvard had to pee, and I was so gratefull because when you are traveling with the President of the Company somtimes you canot go to the bathroom unless he goes himself.

I thoght I woud try again too...

I haveto go to lunch with them.