Wedgies Around The World

Yes no matter what color we are on the outside, our undorwear is all the SAME color after a good wedgie.

We hope to greatly expand this site to include other nations and continnents. Butt for now, Wedgies Around the World Is sepparated in these 3 parts:

...and for ovbious reasons, merriting its OWN catagory:

Wedgies In Eurrope begins below, and the others follow in the next screens:

Wedgies In Eurrope

Youd think a country that hasnt gone to war in 500 years woud be peaceful. Yeah right. All those eons of sittin around workin on those intricate clocks and watches have them itchin for trouble and they usualy turn there frustrations on each other. Watch out for the 'Yodel Yank': Thats when the wedgie giver pulls so hard the victim starts yodeling. (Illeagal in avalanche areas). When done right, "Yodel" fragmants (named for the American chocolate snack cake) end up on the shorts.

Tourrists beware: Those ruffiens in Rome who sneak up behind you to cut the strap of your pockettbook have somthin else up there sleeve--dont let it be your underware ellastic. Aparantly there have been a few mob-related hits in the southorn part of the country too. So watch your ass unless you want to be singin like Pavaratti and Caruso at the same time...

Voulezvous le wedggiee francais? Ah yes the 'gaul' of those who give the French Wedgie. First off RELAX: no tongues are invollved.

The French wedgie, when given to Americans, is a rude one acompanied by pompous sniffs and looks of scorn and derrision. Somtimes a soft smelley cheese is placed in the underwear first. If a Frenchy gives you a wedgie the best way an Americon can "turn the other cheek" to convert the event into a happy one that wont end (as so many do) as an internationol Wedgie incident is not to curse the offending Frog: No instead, start acting like Jerry Lewis. The crazier the bettor. It seems they like that!

Leave it to those eficient industreous Germons to devellop a wedgy like this: This inciddent came to me from a student in Cramburg who was eating in a restuarant in the nearby town of Krappenpantzen. A fellow diner, a tuorist from Uppenassen began to choke on a peice of wurst. (He didnt say if it was bratwurst or knokworst--i always get the 2 confused.)

Anyway the man turned blue. A young couple also eatin there on there way to Blackenshortzen began CPR but it woudnt dislodge. The nearest town with 911 was allthe way out in Heikuppanwadden or else 2 exits way the hell up the Autobohn in far off Grippendelastic. It appeared the guy was goingto die.

Sudenly 2 visiting system analists from rural Schitzenstripe sprang to action. One of them stood right infront of the chokking man; he quikly dropped his own leaderhosen and undepants to the floor, bent over & touched his toes. The patient looked puzzled but kept on chokin. Then the other analist dashed behind the counter, grabbed a giant peice of beef tongue from the coldcut case and pressed it hard agianst the other mans bare ass crack while he was bent over: Yes a wedgie with a beef tongeu.

When the pateint saw this he was full of revvulsion and choked one more time real hard sending the peice of food outof his throat. He said to the 2 analists: "That was very disgusting but you savved my life." The analists replyed: "Dont thank us: the Hindlick Manuever works every time."

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